5 Outfits to Wear in Any Weather

Fashionistas around the world grapple with balancing weather conditions and their style regularly. While you may want to rock a sundress in the winter, it’s not feasible in most cases. However, just because it’s the dead of winter, that doesn’t mean you can’t inject a shot of summer into your daily routine. By using a few clever tactics, you can take your summer wardrobe right into winter and defy letting the weather from ruling your look.

Short and Sweet

A good way to make favorite pieces in your wardrobe more versatile and not being restricted to a single season is to think about how those garments can be adapted for different temperatures. For example, a good foundation piece for any closet is a simple, short dress. While womens maxi dresses can be good for summer in light fabrics, they’re not going to necessarily do well during monsoon season or when it’s cold outside. The same can be said of strappy tops or dresses. There are some great options by Habbana, whether you’re looking for something casual or party wear dresses for women. Go for something short or mid-length in a solid color. Wrap dresses are always good options, because it’s easy to layer them or pair with tights. This is a good start to rethinking basics and purchasing the right types of staple pieces.

Contrast Colors with Weather

If it’s raining, there’s no better way to pump up your mood than defying the gloom with a bright color. Style blogger Akanksha Redhu recommends giving yourself a boost during the rainy days with a cheerful, brightly colored dress in the skater style. She points out that this silhouette also brings a playful, youthful aesthetic to the ensemble. Make like Redhu, and include a pair of monsoon-ready shoes made of jelly to complete the look. This goes for warm weather, too. Don’t be afraid to wear black just because it’s sunny. While you don’t want to feel suffocated in a wool knit at the height of summer, there’s no reason you can’t sport a black linen tee.

Indigenous Flair on the Runway

Instead of approaching your look in terms of individual garments or structure, start thinking about how you can take a single aesthetic and incorporate it into your wardrobe all year long. For example, this August during Lakmé Fashion Week, The Indian Express reported that designer Ritu Kumar has embraced the indigenous fabric and weaving techniques from Varanasi, laden with brocade on silk and elaborate embroidery. Kumar drew inspiration for her collection both from the fact that these techniques have been in decline for years, and wants to make the styles appealing to the younger generation. Take a cue from Kumar and add a little ethnic flair to your closet, incorporating garments that channel this aesthetic. Elaborate fabrics, bright embroidery, and white-on-white threading are hallmarks in the Varanasi tradition. Wear this current runway trend all year round by seeking out mid-length frocks that feature the same elements. You’ll be on-trend and gorgeous, no matter what the season.

Four Seasons, One Pattern

Getting a signature look down is one thing that can take any woman from being stylish to being a style icon. One of the easiest ways to do this is to choose a fabric or pattern that always shows up in your ensembles as a detail. Elle India reports that tweed is one of the biggest trends for fall 2015, and there are multiple ways to wear it. This is a good example of taking a pattern, fabric, or color you like and adapting it to fit into all seasons by wearing different garments. In other words, for fall, a tweed jacket is a great addition to any outfit to battle chillier temperatures. On the other hand, if it’s tweed you want for summer, try out some sandals that utilize the print. Although this isn’t a case of wearing a single garment, the core idea is that you can wear your favorite patterns or fabric throughout the year by simply tweaking what article of clothing includes it.

Temperate Reflecting Pools

Whether it’s spring, summer, winter, or fall, embellishments are capable of altering any outfit all year round. Currently, Indian Express reports that designers are turning to mirrors to fill in for sequins and crystal this season, focusing on shisha as a way to add a new type of sparkle to outfits. This is a great way to remain innovative all year round, and functions appropriately whether you’re looking for a little glitz and glamour during a formal winter event or want to rock some shine on a casual summer day.

One of the key tactics in learning how to adapt your wardrobe to wear whatever you want regardless of the weather is paying attention to details and how you can transform an aesthetic into something functional for particular temperatures. Approach this challenge by thinking patterns, fabrics, and embellishments, rather than individual garments, and always remember to layer.

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