Quality is Striking Once Again: Pamu Slide Mini Review

Quality is Striking Once Again: Pamu Slide Mini Review

Comfortable, compact, economic, but with all the quality that has always characterized the PaMu products. They are the new PaMu Slide mini, smaller and lighter than the previous model (just think that the charging case alone is even smaller than a lighter), but with the same exceptional audio quality.


Quality is Striking Once Again: Pamu Slide Mini Review

Available in different colors (black, white, green and pink), the PaMu Slide Mini are designed to offer maximum comfort on any occasion. Whether you are running, jumping, climbing, training or walking, the ergonomic design of these earphones has been designed to ensure the best fit and prevent them from falling somehow. The PaMu Slide Mini adapts easily to any type of ear, thanks to the six different sizes of the bearings (S, S +, M, M +, L, L +).

The charging case is light and compact. For its dimensions (70.2 × 33.2 × 30.5 mm) that make it even smaller than a common lighter, the case of the PaMu Slide Mini can be carried easily and comfortably anywhere, in your own pockets, bag, backpack … so as to have the device always charged and ready for use.


The quality of the PaMu Slide Mini depends on the Qualcomm QCC3020 chip, currently among the most powerful True Wireless Stereo earphone chips in circulation. Thanks to this technology, the earbuds enjoy better sound quality, a more stable connection and reduced energy consumption. All this, together with the dynamic 6 mm drivers and Qualcomm aptX technology, guarantees a structured, unique and incredible audio experience for such a cheap product.

Quality is Striking Once Again: Pamu Slide Mini Review

Thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 technology, moreover, the PaMu Slide Mini ensure an almost instant connection with the smartphone. This will be established automatically with the last associated device as soon as you open the case to remove the earphones and wear them, and then disconnect automatically as soon as you place the PaMu inside the case.

The audio quality during the call is also excellent. The earphones, in fact, are equipped with a double microphone with noise reduction function, managing to guarantee a good audio and call experience even in the noisiest and most crowded environments, such as subways and railway stations.

Quality is Striking Once Again: Pamu Slide Mini Review

The PaMu Slide Mini supports touch-control, so you can manage music playback or interact with the voice assistant by simply tapping on the earphones. Specifically, by tapping on the left earpiece, it will be possible to answer a phone call. With a double tap, however, it will be possible to call the voice assistant (Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant) and ask, therefore, to perform certain actions. It is possible, for example, to ask to read the news of the day, to provide the weather forecast, to send or read a message and so on. While with a long tap it will be possible to increase the volume.

By double-tapping on the right earpiece, however, it will be possible to end a phone call or go to the next song. With a single tap, however, it will be possible to pause or start music playback again. Finally, with a long tap, it will be possible to reduce the volume.

Last but not least, the PaMu Slide Mini have obtained IPX6 certification, so they are water resistant. This means that they can be worn even while exercising or when it rains, as neither rain nor sweat will penetrate the most sensitive components of the earphones and compromise their use.


The PaMu Slide Mini can be recharged inside the special charging case. This can be recharged either via cable (you will need a type C connector, already included in the package) or via wireless, therefore, resting it on a device that supports this technology (a smartphone or a special wireless charging base). The recharge times are truly incredible. It only takes five minutes to get one hour of use. More generally, a single recharge offers ten hours of playback – even if, with some care, it is possible to use them even a little longer – while the recharge case manages to guarantee two complete recharges, bringing the autonomy of the PaMu Slide Mini with thirty hours of music playback.

The charging case also has four status LEDs on the back, which indicate the battery level. In this way, we can easily understand when the time has come to recharge it.

Moldac has an impressive product portfolio, including a completely new model of PaMu Slide Mini (a range of in-ear TWS headphones, mini versions of PaMu Slide), PaMu Slide Plus, PaMu Scroll, Tempo T5, PaMu X13, PaMu X12 and so on.

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