PaMu Slide Details Review: Assassin Airpods 2

PaMu Slide Details Review: Assassin Airpods 2

If you are a person who buy wireless headphones, you have probably heard the name Pamu of Padmate manufacturer. Famous for its Indiegogo funding site, Pamu X13 and Pamu Scroll, which raised millions of dollars in a short time. These products have outstanding quality and features in the price range and are recognized by the world user community.

In 2019, besides launching the Pamu Scroll earlier this year, in the middle of this year, Padmate continues to launch the product that is considered to be the most breakthrough and the most important of this year, the Pamu Slide. Expected to be the replacement Apple Airpods 2 , whether that is feasible or not, with us explore through this article.


Pamu Slide ‘s box is minimalist design with white outer layer. The front is the information depicting the headphones and on the back we will have detailed information about the product printed in multiple languages. Inside was a black hard paper box with the words Pamu Slide imprinted with a glossy emulsion on the front. Canned fairly standard for a cheap product.

NEW DESIGN – smarter

In 2018, the True Wireless models that debuted all have slender shapes, with no excess like the Apple Airpods. But gradually, the number of people using Airpods increased and it was realized that the redundant design was quite convenient to use. Therefore, Pamu Slide has a “breakthrough design” that is similar to Apple Airpods.

However, Pamu Slide does not mold Airpods design but still has the accents that make a difference. Most noticeable is the style of wearing earbuds instead of earbuds.

The housing size is not too big, the drain is tilted at an angle of 45 degrees to help Pamu lie quite neatly in the ear without protruding out much. You can still wear a fullface helmet while wearing this headset.

In addition, the housing is also equipped with a rubber mattress that helps grip the ears better and is more comfortable when used for long periods.

The longer part of the Pamu Slide, in addition to a better grip, is also the large antenna area of ​​the headset, which makes the reception extremely stable like Apple Airpods.

Pamu Slide’s charging box is in the form of a slide, as the name implies. The feeling of the sliding hinge is quite smooth and interesting, making me recall the feeling of the previous slider phones.

The body of the charging box is completely constructed from hard plastic, the feeling of holding is quite solid. The front is decorated with a grid with the pamu logo and rows of submersible battery lights below. Every time you put a headset into the box, this indicator light will light up to tell us the remaining battery capacity of the charger.

On the charging groove is built-in magnet to help locate the headset when charging very easily and conveniently.

This charging box is equipped with a Type-C port that supports fast charging, 5-minute charging for 1 hour, extremely useful in emergencies.


Qualcomm chip handling – more stable. Pamu Slide uses Bluetooth chipset from Qualcomm house with code name QCC3020. The information above of Padmate’s Indiegogo has an advertisement that this is the most stable True Wireless chip in the world today. According to the information we learned from Qualcomm, the QCC3020 is a chip in the basic segment. Qualcomm’s flagship is the chip with QCC51xx code, but the QCC3020 still inherits quite a lot of advanced features.

This chip supports the latest Bluetooth 5.0 standard for extremely stable connectivity and consumes very little power just like the QCC5100 Series.

Incorporating Qualcomm’s exclusive Qualcomm TrueWireless ™ Stereo Plus technology, which enhances reception and significantly reduces headset lag.

The chip supports Qualcomm® aptX ™ audio technology, which allows Qualcomm’s proprietary Aptx codec to receive better sound reproduction than popular codecs such as SBC or AAC. However, this codec will only be enabled if you are using a phone with Qualcomm’s SoC. In case you use iPhone, the chip will still support the default codec AAC or SBC.


No need to press and hold complicated boot, no need to connect again every time disconnected. All you need to do is lift the Pamu Slide from the charger and put it on your ears. The operation is extremely simple and user friendly.


The battery life of Pamu X13 is 3.5 hours, of Pamu Scroll is 3.5 hours, of Pamu T5 is 3.5 hours, so can you guess how much battery life is for Pamu Slide ? Double is 7 hours?

10 hours of continuous use on a single charge, so you don’t mistake it. An additional 50 hours of use with the Pamu scroll total charging cradle can last for a whole week without a charger. Although the number that Padmate gives is only advertising, normally, the actual usage time will not be too much different, so please celebrate for this.

Still not over, the Pamu Slide Charger Box has the ability to turn into a wireless backup charger. You can use this charging case as a fireproof backup charger to wirelessly charge your phone.

Do the math to see if you buy an Airpods 2 with wireless charging, how much will it cost you any Pamu Slide?


Despite being just a cheap True Wireless headset, Pamu Slide is very invested in customer experience. Not merely using the common noise filtering algorithm, the noise reduction effect of using multiple recording microphones is always better.

Equipped with up to 2 microphones on each side of the ear, Pamu Slide is capable of handling noise in the environment effectively when you make calls almost the same as the way dedicated phone headsets work.


No buttons make you uncomfortable to operate, Pamu has always used touch technology to control its headphones.

Previously, many people complained that Pamu X13 or Pamu Scroll could not increase or decrease the volume, but now Pamu Slide has allowed you to do that but still just use a simple touch and hold. Other control operations you can refer to the image below.


In addition to the aforementioned features, Pamu Slide also has IPX6 water resistance for strong resistance to sweat and rain, maximum support for your sports activities.


Anyone who has ever experienced Apple Airpods will find how familiar Pamu Slide is. Just lift the headset off the charger and put it on, the headset will automatically power on and connect to your phone.

The feeling of wearing Pamu Slide is very strong. Sometimes even better than Apple Airpods because of the structure inserted deep in the ear + extra with specially designed housing + rubber cushion that greatly increases adhesion. Pamu Slide gives me the feeling of peace, comfort and movement without fear of falling like the previous Pamu T5.

The Bluetooth chip from Qualcomm, combined with the large antenna system, is really very effective. Experience using continuously for 3 hours, I did not encounter any interrupted phase signal on my Bphone 3. Both the headset and the device support the Bluetooth 5.0 standard, which provides a good audio experience. When watching the video, the phenomenon of the singer singing the A verse that the lyrics to B is almost nonexistent, is it possible in Eminem’s Rap God-style songs that you just barely realized. When playing games like PUBG or Fortnite, the gunfire will go behind the picture about 0.1-0.2s depending on the case. It is still acceptable because the current capacity of Bluetooth is limited.

As for sound quality, Pamu Slide has similar sound quality to Pamu T5. That means the sound will still be vibrant, hit the bass but balanced and not encroached as much as Pamu X13 or shallow bass like Pamu Scroll anymore. Bass on the Pamu Slide hit quite round, average speed, good sub-bass. The mid is warm, a bit back, but still quite clear, easy to hear. The treb band has a moderate amount, not too tinkling but enough to make the music more playful. In general, the sound of Pamu Slide is still very easy to listen, playful, suitable for music genres like Pop, R&B, or Hip-hop.

Another point I like about using Pamu Slide is the one-touch touch control. Touch feels very sensitive, easy operation, not the type of tap tap 2 times like on Apple Airpods anymore. Control transfer cards, increase and decrease the volume is always very convenient.

Battery life is 10 hours is not really a question that many people will ask. I turned them on at 50% volume after fully charging both batteries and the result really surprised me. 10:39 am Pamu Slide’s survival time. Of course, if you have a test, the result will not be 100% similar to me, but it will only be 1-2 hours difference, which is too good for a True Wireless headset.


Pamu Slide is a headset that adds all the missing and weak features on Apple Airpods at a much cheaper price. With what Pamu has shown on X13 or Scroll, I believe that, Pamu Slide will become the hottest True Wireless headset in the near future.

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