Most Elect Old Swimsuit

London Olympics less than two months from the time the choice of international swimming right womens bathing suits still in a state of confusion.

July 2009, FINA announced the “sharkskin swimsuit” 2010 Global disabled, this also means using high-tech means to improve travel speed along the history passed away. According to regulations, since 2010, men are only allowed to cover the project’s swimsuit waist to the knee, allowing only women’s events swimsuit cover the shoulder to the knee. In addition, the material must be swimsuit fabrics.

Phelps’ coach Bob Baldwin said: “The role of swimwear is very large, it can help athletes improve performance, but the role of swimwear is limited, it is impossible for the athletes bring tremendous change.”

2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the 2009 race, swimmers wearing sharkskin successive break the world record, it also allows swimmers tasted the sweetness. Now, athletes are considering one piece swimsuits sponsor off opting allow them to swim faster swimsuit. Regardless of who is the official sponsor, in order to allow them to choose the most suitable swimmer swimsuit, swimming in various countries are recommended to ensure their athletes have the freedom to choose the right swimsuit.

Speedo shark skin was all the rage at the 2008 Olympics. However, the 2009 World Championships, dressed in sharkskin swimsuit Phelps lost product Biddleman dressed Arena, sharkskin swimsuit standing in the field of high-tech swimsuits are catching up.

However, this new swimwear for athletes who are not very “cold.” A Dutch coach named in Mende describe this swimsuit with the “terror” of the word. In his opinion, this swimsuit is very bulky and female athletes is difficult to wear to the body, into the water very easily curled swimsuit.

According to FINA regulations, all bathing suits are put into use in July 1 must be submitted to FINA, recognized only after the following year on the market. So now many athletes still wearing Speedo swimsuit 2010 models.

Mende coaches said they also want to use the old Speedo wrap dresses style swimsuits, but Speedo and unwilling to provide. But Speedo denied the news, they said in a statement, entitled Olympic athletes choose what to wear. It is reported that the Italian swimmer Magnus Paganini in Europe one hundred meters freestyle been Jacked wear swimsuits, but she put trademarks are blacked out, because she is sponsored by Speedo.

Currently, the United States, Australia, the Netherlands and the UK team members are allowed to freely choose as they see fit swimsuit

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