Easy nail art: stamping

Want to learn nail art easily? Discover and test the “stamping” technique: a very simple trick to decorate your nails with very pretty and regular patterns, without knowing how to draw! Just take your manicure set and follow us!

The realization

To prepare your base color, apply a layer of “base coat” on the nails. Let it dry, then apply a first coat of gray varnish. Once the varnish is dry, apply a second coat and let it dry.

Step 1 : Spread a little white varnish on the pattern of the plate of your choice covering the entire pattern.

Step 2 : With the squeegee, remove the excess varnish with a brisk movement. Only the varnish on the design will remain on the plate.

Step 3 : Apply the stamp to the plate, being careful not to lift the stamp too quickly, and without pressing too hard. Feel free to start over several times to practice and get a nice pattern.

Step 4 : Place the stamp on your finger, positioning the start of the design on the end of your nail. Then gently apply the pattern, marrying the shape of the finger with the stamp.

Step 5 : Repeat these steps for each nail. Then, using a cotton swab soaked in solvent, erase the traces of patterns on your fingers. Finally, apply a layer of top coat. 

This nail art doesn’t need too professional technology, you can do it at home. The whole process is also very simple. Are you going to test? If you are suffer from no nail tools, don’t be panic! We have everything all you need in nail supply store online.

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