Purchase and Sales Volume Continued to Rise Swimwear Network

Summer, grils began scheming to go to the beach to enjoy the hot summer sun and the sea are brought to you Qinliang, a gorgeous bathing suits women how can less. Taobao data show that, with the arrival of July, swimwear sales showing rising trend, while doing my swimsuit purchase women to become the main force.

Swimwear Optional Tips:

Fashion is more elegant piece swimming dress Slim

For some relatively conservative grils and their body is not very satisfied with the grils, Siamese swimming group is the best option, not too bare skin, but also play the role of self-cultivation. Elegant black and white floral leotard revealing a touch of chic and elegant in the black-based colors, with good visual contraction. Navy wind leotard is preferred fashion grils, navy wind prevailed in the past few years and continues to play a derivative is the fashion circle, for swimwear fashion items such nature is not to be missed, youthful vitality is obvious.

Sexy bikini swimsuits hot avant-garde

Hot body and passionate grils always love summer, hot sun the more they expose themselves more perfect body good time. Of course, is such a sexy bikini fashion grils choice. Dream Bazaar Night Elf bikini suit the unique personality of luxury tailoring, fashion design with lace around the neck rare deep silver, piercing unique sexy style, charm instant shine.

Lightweight split charming curves show

Split design one piece bathing suits, grils is the preferred activity. Dream Bazaar blue swim skirt style split printing refreshing hues, fresh designs, the young girl looked at it against the background of vibrant, mature female backing down on its more youthful. Ages styles, according to individual temperament characteristics to play sexy with a little cute, cute without losing the fresh, fresh in slightly playful..

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