Xingcheng Swimwear Industry

” Xingcheng swimwear industry can be said to be based on the city and county levels of government to actively guide, support , services, government ‘ visible hand ‘ and the ‘ invisible hand ‘ of successful cooperation .” China Textile Industry Association, Du Chau remarks revealed the industry to a certain extent , the government “role” precision positioning . Also as Huludao City Party Secretary Sun Zhaolin said, Xingcheng is the country’s largest production base of swimming suits , swimwear industry will be bigger and stronger pull Huludao achieve a new round of industrial restructuring .

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To promote industrial clusters Xingcheng swimwear , standardized management , product diversification characteristics of industries , becoming the nation and the world swimwear production base and distribution center, Xingcheng Xingcheng Linhai Industrial Park in the planning and construction of industrial parks swimwear , guide -scale enterprises and new project into the park to enhance cluster effect. Currently, Xingcheng Linhai Industrial Park planning area of ??500 acres of land, has seven production enterprises settled in swimwear . Among them, Bai Wang , Yu -chi, Wei Mei Road , Alta , three odd five enterprises have already started construction , a total investment of 300 million yuan . As the first swimwear industry cluster, Xingcheng swimwear industry completed its first capital accumulation . More importantly, take the next step will accelerate the entire industry to the international direction .

July 16 , China’s first one piece swimsuits industry cluster to build swimming Xingcheng Tiancheng Industry Services, LLC bathing industry service platform project started in Xingcheng Linhai Industrial Park . Swimming swimwear industry service platform will become product platform to export window cartel carrier, industry self-regulation based management hub , swimwear technology research and development center.

Into the ” Twelfth Five-Year ” period, the “transfer mode , adjusting structure, promoting the development of ” a new approach to development, for Xingcheng currently still relatively low-end labor-intensive processing trade swimwear industry is particularly important. Compliance with the overall requirements of economic development mode , development of the industry to seek a new way , a new way and a new flashpoint , which meets Xingcheng swimwear industry’s overall development law and internal requirements.

Either from industrial restructuring , industrial cluster development, or from the city to enhance the brand , enhance competitiveness, industrial layout planning perspective, Huludao Xingcheng swimwear industry is an important economic sector . Admittedly, Xingcheng swimwear industry, the rise and development of not only enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises , but also for the optimization of regional industrial economic structure, ease employment pressure plays an important role in urban and rural areas . Although it is now present in the development of ” small, scattered, low- difficult” and other issues, but as long as take the ” political research trade ,” the joint development of the road , to take strong measures , I believe we can Xingcheng Wu Qi leading the development of light industry , becoming Xingcheng SME cluster development beacon lights .

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Based on the ” five-second” speed up the transformation of economic development mode the core task will be the swimwear industry as a pioneer in Xingcheng , integration of existing resources , promote industrial upgrading, extend the industrial chain . Xingcheng is planning a billion dollar industry , including: swimwear industry 10 billion , driven by the swimwear industry and finishing warp , spandex, nylon and other industries 40 billion , providing the raw material polyurethane industry 50 billion .

This is undoubtedly the government Xingcheng swimwear industry cluster development to build a platform for an infinitely large stage , a beautiful and stylish in this industry will be brilliant performances on stage .

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