Have beautiful feet, our tips for a top pedicure

Our feet are important parts that support our bodies, but they are always ignored because they are locked in their shoes all day long. Before putting on summer sandals and flip-flops, give your feet a thorough makeover with the pedicure kits. Follow us!

1. Feed every day

Without sebaceous glands, the feet dry out faster than other parts of the body. In fine weather, this phenomenon is accentuated by the repeated snapping of flip-flops or sandals. To remedy this, the ideal is to moisturize your feet all year round with formulas based on glycerin, urea or glycolate. two applications per day. You can also treat yourself to express care thanks to very nourishing “sock masks”.

2. Take care of the nails

When you’re not wearing polish, nourish them with a oil. To keep your cuticles neat, apply an emollient, then push them back with a boxwood stick. If your nails are ridged, buff them once a month with a 4-sided buffing block. To shorten them, use nail clippers, and refine their shape with a nail file.

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3. Relax in the evening

After a day of standing and walking, the feet need relief to deflate. Immerse them in a basin of lukewarm water in which you will have slipped an effervescent roller. Then wipe them gently by dabbing them with a towel and insisting between the toes. Then perform a relaxing massage.

4. Soften your skin

Use a grater. Once a week, rub your feet dry with an emery grater or an electric model to better remove dead cells. Insist on the roughest areas. In addition, you can exfoliate twice a week. Proceed on dry skin, in circular movements, then rinse thoroughly.

5. Avoid heatstroke

If you are prone to sweating, coat your feet with a little talcum powder, the powdery texture of which will help you stay dry. If you sweat a lot, you can also use an antiperspirant cream to apply to the sole of your foot. It will help you regulate the flow of perspiration.

With the help of these tips listed above, Believe that you will have beautiful feet. This article was created from the famous brand of Maryton. Visit our website to discover more foot care products!

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