Swimsuit Pageant Will be Canceled Next Link

In the “Miss America” pageant history, but also there was a maverick, that is 1951’s “Miss America” Iraq Rand Fox. If elected, Miss Fox to do the first thing refused to sign a series of business contracts, she informed Katarina company, said that in addition to swim, she will not be wearing a cheap bikinis in the public eye. So Katharina company and “Miss America” beauty pageant termination, began sponsoring the “Miss Universe” contest.

The eve of the civil rights movement in the United States, in the 1960s the first African-American beauty pageant held in Mississippi. American photographer Henry Anderson used the camera to record the “Black Beauty” wearing swimming suits, walking the catwalk, protruding body curve scene. At that time many American beauty pageant, including the most famous of the “Miss America” ??beauty contest, allowing only whites to attend. Until 1970, “Miss America” beauty pageant only blacks participate in the selection.

Beauty pageant in China tortuous course of the same, in the 1980s in China, some Western things began to sprout, including pageant. The pageant was mostly held in the name of model contest. 1988 at the “America First in Guangzhou Flower City — advertising nova model Grand Prix” is one of the early beauty pageant. Semi-finals, the players will be part of a competition swimsuit competitions pushed to the cusp of public opinion. In the semifinals, held four days before the first official Organizing Committee received from the notice of higher authorities, so that it stops the game. After repeated consultations, the contest although not die, but were prohibited from reporting.

Today, one piece swimsuits various beauty pageant has become China’s standard procedures. Recent 52nd Miss Chinese International competition swimsuit photos top three in all arenas being circulated on the Internet.

But swimming suits pageant also been challenged. Has 50 years of history, “Miss England” beauty pageant in 2010, announced in a future game show will no longer be part of the establishment of swimming suits, but behind this result is 2009’s “Miss England”, the young soldier special sister Ruina · Ho Chi long-term efforts. Te Ruina · Ho Chi known as the “Battle Barbie” in the 2009 “Miss England” contest in first place.

As a lingerie company spokesperson, Te Ruina · Ho Chi is not taboo in front of photographers wearing a very cool, but she believes that beauty pageants in the swimming suits link was not reasonable. She believes let the girls laid down in such a stressful environment but also to answer questions on the T station embarrassing enough, and if it is so that they dressed so exposed, facing the audience uniform of wolves, a little too the. In her appeal, and opponents, the “Miss England” organizers then announced the game will be removed in a future swimming suits this part, replaced ecology, sports, philanthropy wise and focus of the game link.

Britain is not part of the first countries to cancel swimming suits, back in 2007, the 13th “Russian beauty” contest was canceled swimwear show, and announced with respect to the standard model 90-60-90 best overall coordination requirements of the United States .

However, the beauty still left the swimming suits you? For now, womens bathing suits and pageant has been entangled will continue, while record people’s thinking changes, how to look sexy, beautiful and exposure.

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