JAKED Swimsuit Chinese Team is Not Entirely Surprising Breakthrough Strength

Two days three gold medals, world championships in Rome set off a whirlwind China, Agence France-Presse today after the game that the Chinese women’s 800 meters freestyle Following Zhang again after detonating climax. However, during the sound also has a number of questions, targeting is the Chinese team temporarily put on a super swimming suits JAKED.

New backstroke queen Zhao Jing just 50 meters from the world record by 0.33 seconds, Yang Yu, Zhu Qian Wei, Liu Jing and Pang Jiaying composed of women will 4×200 meter freestyle relay world record by two seconds 33, China also joined Heroine broke the world record in the trend. Consistently, their body and Zhang Lin won the 800 meters freestyle gold medal, like not wearing the official sponsor of the Chinese swimming team speedo. This triggered a race to the foreign media attention, have asked the Chinese team was wearing in the end is what brand of swimming suits.

Zhang Lin won the championship, the French team newspaper reporter to Laredo Mende gave away that he was not wearing 400m freestyle silver medal at the speedo swimsuit, and replaced the current world championships in Rome gratis super swimming suits JAKED, it is this swimming suits, in the World Championship arena led to numerous disputes, and even forced FINA banned high-tech swimsuits have to pass next year’s resolutions. Equipe in France, the description of Zhang Lin won, said, “He will Hackett’s former world record crushed into a powder, 7 minutes and 32 seconds 12 results improved 6 seconds 43, just three months time, Zhang Lin their best scores will improve as much as 20 seconds …… magic! “Laredo Mende achievements that Zhang Lin temporary replacement swimming suits factor, which is not entirely surprising breakthrough scene rely on their own strength.

When the Chinese women, who continue to play when alarming, JAKED speedo still continue to be the object of foreign media asked, because the Chinese swimming team “quietly” when you put a new shirt, regarded trademark blackened, which makes them a bit lost in the routine. Although the Chinese team has a contract with the speedo, but you can choose another womens bathing suits, this does not violate contractual requirements. However, not every player can adapt JAKED, Liu Song regret did not win the gold medal, silver medal, but she also set a world record score, compared with Liu Song, Jiao Liuyang wearing new swimming suits, failed to win a medal. This is also proved from another angle, the final decision lies in the results of the players themselves. “Liu Song also considered for swimsuits, but I have to understand the situation, that not every athlete wearing swimsuits have the effect, some people wear good effect, some people wear the general effect. Liu Song is wearing the original well. “China’s head coach unitary Zhengjie said.

Of course, the super swimming suits to help athletes improve performance has become a consensus, breaking Phelps unbeaten myth Biddleman to admit, swimming suits allow him to score at least raising two seconds, while the swimming world championships in the current generated by the project The 17 medals, wearing speedo swimsuit only got two players, called the decline in the proportion of astonishing. More and more players will start in the world championships trying to use JAKED swimming suits, the Chinese team were no exception.

In the world-class records have been broken, do not break the world record will not be able to win the world championships in Rome, swimwear topic already replaced the championship glow. The birth of a world championships every world record and the gold medal will continue to cause foreign media probe on one piece swimsuits debate.

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