Shanghai Bikini Contest

International metropolis Shanghai, with graceful momentum accommodate cheap bikinis enthusiasm. While many hot body, dressed in sultry bikini swimsuits domestic contestants in Shanghai VivaSha resort’s pool Qingshu Oubi for the first field “location Show”, a window across the cafeteria, International, Friends of People with panic domestic smiling, enjoying this scene unexpected “snacks.”

Brave bikini one piece swimsuits
The same day, with the first floor living quarters reserved for players I saw from Chongqing, Yunnan, Guangdong and Beijing comes Pageant. These beauties who all have distinct characteristics, kind, strong, confident, positive, self-reliance, etc. commendatory can find from them. They look stylish but underneath it with a point of China’s traditional temperament, these two elements together, so that they become the focus of the eyes of others, but also by the participants to the public’s favorite.
My next bed, Guangzhou is a player, after more than 9:00 in the evening arrived, the hotel’s dinner time has ended, the girl hungry, then she sent me a box of yogurt as a makeshift dinner, but not Yuanzai eat more calories biscuits, because to the best physical condition to meet the training and competition. Her firm surprised me, I do not know the stage in order to be beautiful and charming figure courageous restraint as consideration.

Easily be able to arm top “beam”
When a congregation slender legs bikini swimsuits players walk red carpet in the hotel corridor, even silent, that scene is squeezed out of the eye is able to: either a beautiful light give Yubi have touched the top of the wall of the corridor High eaves overhang Ling Hotel, in front of these special players seem to suddenly anaplastic “dwarf” the.

Golf clubs show
It is said that golf is a “friends” movement through each game, his teammates can not fully understand each other. Relevant arrangements “Golf” location shooting, only became Sichuan, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Shanghai provinces and one city fraternity, but also turned into a lingerie show (since they are all on the bikini swimming suits, under a pair of jeans). Speaking in fact the plot is very simple, that is, there are four beautiful province enthusiasm to introduce ourselves to join the group Huaihai filming, including Shanghai’s Wang Qiujun won the “Miss Asia” Tencent National Division Most Photogenic Award and Dongyangzhihua “Miss Asia “Selection of the most photogenic award, Chongqing Spicy Girl Ze Zhao B, Guangdong and Jiangsu Dong Sui, U Thant also participated in various competitions, and have their own gains. Let the beauty of joining pools and golf courses increasingly Live Flesh.

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