This Is Why You Should Stop Wearing Black Eyeliner

Most people have gone through a black eyeliner phase. Maybe you weren’t aware of these eyeliner hacks and made the common middle school mistake of piling the stuff on until you achieved straight-up raccoon eyes (you know it’s a problem when your *dad* comments on “all that black stuff on your eyes”). Perhaps during a confused punk stage in 9th grade, you felt that loads of black eyeliner perfectly complemented your black hair, black clothing and black soul 😉

News flash! There are other (more flattering + less harsh) color options when it comes to your everyday eyeliner. The thought behind it isn’t so much to add a pop of color to your makeup look — it’s more about finding the most flattering contrast between your eye color and liner color, which brings out your eyes big time. We tested this theory — using the color wheel to find ideal liner colors — on some bright-eyed Brit + Co ladies using Benefit’s They’re Real! Push-Up colored eyeliners ($24). Full disclosure: the application is a bit tricky with these liners, but once you get the hang of it, the colors are super matte, bold and awesome. Scroll through to see the results for yourself and to see whether these ladies would ditch black liner for more colorful look. Who knows? You just might too!


We tried Lee’s typical big, ’60s-style graphic cat eye with the brown liner, and it was a universal #fail — it just doesn’t provide the same definition as jet black. But once we toned it down and treated it more like an accent to the eye than the main event, we thought the look really complemented her blues. Here’s what she had to say about her brown eyeliner look:

What color liner do you typically wear? “I usually use Kat Von D Tattoo Liner ($18) in a big ol’ cat eye every day. It’s black liquid liner.”

Why have you chosen black liner in the past? “I chose black when I was 13 and kept it like that, ha! I really like black. I like wearing black and I like the classic ’60s cat eye look.”

What do you think of the brown liner? “It definitely made my eyes look bluer and gave a warmer, softer look. It was nice and I felt like the blue was more prominent. It’s good to mix it up, but I still love my black!”


Victoria’s green eyes were really brightened up with the use of the purple eyeliner compared to her typical choice of black — look right at the green of her eyes to see. The purple surprisingly looks a bit darker than the black to us, but in a very subtle way. That’s the power of colored eyeliner working its magic, but take it from Victoria herself:

What color liner do you typically wear? “Usually black eyeliner from the drugstore or an Urban Decay liner. Usually it’s pencil, sometimes it’s liquid, but I feel like liquid disappears.”

Why have you chosen black liner in the past? “I started wearing black in middle school and just never stopped. I think in high school I wore blue eyeliner, but that was one of those 2000s trends and was kinda tacky, so I don’t wear blue anymore!”

What do you think of the purple liner? “I like the purple! I have worn purple eyeshadow before, on the bottom, but maybe I’ll go buy purple eyeliner now.”


Andrea’s smokey black was swapped for a deep navy, which is a subtle change but does really highlight the brown in her eyes. The whites of her eyes also appear whiter! Read her thoughts on her navy look:

What color liner do you typically wear? “I normally would do black eyeliner with a thick pencil on my lower lashes.”

Why have you chosen black liner in the past? “I usually like to do a smokey eye, and I think black blends the best and works well with the other products I use.”

What do you think of the navy liner? “I like it! It’s fun and it’s different. It could be a fun way to put a new spin on a nighttime look. It’s a little intense for day.”


Kate’s eyes totally opened up with the matte forest green color of the liner when compared with black liner. It definitely looks lighter than the black, but it’s still giving tons of definition to her hazel eyes. Kate breaks down her take on the green eyeliner look:

What color liner do you typically wear? “None! I don’t use eyeliner typically, but when I used to, I’d use a drugstore black pencil to try to look like the Olsen twins.”

Why have you chosen black liner in the past? “Because that’s the one; that’s the eyeliner you go for — it’s classic. I think I used to use it in a grungy sort of way but I appreciate the elegance it can bring when you’re going for a more graphic look.”

What do you think of the green liner? “The color was really pretty. I wouldn’t have grabbed it on my own because I don’t like a lot of color anyway. It definitely went with my eyes; it was a little easier than the black. I think my natural hair color — a dark brunette — would have made the liner look more natural. This didn’t sway me to go back to eyeliner, but I still think that the look worked.”

Do you think black or colored liner is the way to go? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. If you give this a try, snap a pic of your new liner look + tag us on Insta with #britstagram!

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