Exotic and Flamboyant Street Style

Exotic and flamboyant fashion style is an up for fashion-forward girls who are not afraid to wear what they like and rock their own look and style. The extreme style is associated with dramatic, yet strikingly different – can have intensely bright colors, iridescent textures, ornate patterns, and outlandish prints. Let’s have a look on how a style blogger carved out her original, yet an exotic and flamboyant style that will likely never be forgotten.
Norelle Rheingold, the style blogger behind “The Fashion Cannot Die”, is known for her exotic, uncommon, and flamboyant street style. Her creative style is caught between dramatic and energetic moods – exaggerated, asymmetrical, outlandish, and multi-colored. It’s just she brought back the childish yet fashionable nature of her full of fun, adventure, and curiosity.

If you want to dip a toe on this eye-catching style, start by wearing accessories that are visible from far. Go for bright colors as it suggests you have fun with your look and it can lend your style energy. Norelle was often seen wearing flamboyant hats, multi-colored sunglasses, plastic chokers, cuff bracelets, high socks, and colorful hair clips. You may layer ring bracelets all the way up your arm too. Don’t forget the colorful hoop earrings, something dangling and attractive. Flamboyant footwear such as open toe sandals with colorful socks, platform chunky boots, running shoes, wooden boots, and dads sandals are nontraditional and fashionable for an exotic and flamboyant style.

Next, creatively mix and match your wardrobe to establish your exotic and flamboyant style. Wear jeans, slacks, shorts or rompers in bright colors. Team them with either a contrasting shirt as your top full of wild colors, geometric prints, abstract prints, but nothing classy or conservative like plaids. An alternative is a duster or asymmetrical cut dress in vivid colors in bold red, blue and citrus shades. Just avoid contemporary toned-down colors and neutrals. Long skirts with tiers, voluminous, colorful, and heavy detailed are typical of the signature style.

Textures also create eye-appeal. Embellished designs, handcrafted or embossed buttons, brocades, fringes, sequins, burned-out velvet, and patchworks from unique fabrics achieve your exotic and flamboyant style. Just avoid flat-textured knits and anything that look decent or suburban. In summary, exotic and flamboyant fashion has it all — color, texture, glitter, handcrafted details, and comfortable flowing fabrics. Remember, your style must look like an intentional and creative, not just mismatched wearing separates.
Be creative by adding a twist to your look. Though you like to be a spotlight in the room, you have to determine whether to wear a dress that gets people talking or a dress that just looks good on you. Show off your street-ready fashion in your own exotic and flamboyant way and be a head turner.

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