10 Pretty Wedding Guest Dresses

A gazillion of your friends are getting married and you just realized you exhausted your supply of semi-formal dresses. What do you do? Borrow one from your bestie? No, she banned you from her closet after the Beer Spill Incident of ’13. Looks like you need to go shopping, sister. We know we make that sound a lot easier than it really is, but we’re always here to help you find the perfect getup. Here are 10 dress boutiques online to wear while celebrating the happy couple.

One-Shoulder Drape Dress

1. One-Shoulder Drape Dress ($86): Not all summer weddings are during the day, and this bold number is perfect for a nighttime affair. This sleek one-shoulder dress would look amazing with a retro side-swept hairdo.

Silk Gardengate Dress

2. Silk Gardengate Dress ($155): Subtle details, like a pleated bodice or a ruffle hem, give this dress a very soft appearance. If the prim and proper Victorian moral standards could be materialized and moved to Brooklyn, this is what they would look like.

Tie Back Dress With Pockets

3. Tie Back Dress With Pockets ($81): Those funky sleeves and structured look of this dress are pretty cool, but the best part about it? It has pockets perfect for keeping your phone and lip gloss on you when you’re “Wiggle, wiggle wiggle”-ing on the dance floor.

Skater Dress in Baroque Print

4. Skater Dress in Baroque Print ($92): Plain white dresses may not be appropriate to wear to a wedding, but this blue baroque pattern makes this one a welcome choice.

Lace Du Jour Dress

5. Lace Du Jour Dress ($321): This is, like, the coolest dress ever. It actually looks different from every angle! You’ll definitely want to wear it again and again.

Fluoro Crop Top Embellished Skater Dress

6. Fluoro Crop Top Embellished Skater Dress ($124): You’ll stand out of the crowd in this embellished dress. We’d tone the accessories down with this one; you don’t want to steal all the attention away from the bride!

Spring Up Dress in Tumbling Shapes

7. Spring Up Dress in Tumbling Shapes ($150): Black is another color that’s usually a no-no for weddings, but the colorful skirt brightens this dress up. You’ll look wonderful in this dress with a shiny silver statement necklace.

Curve Maxi Dress With Pleated Skirt

8. Curve Maxi Dresses on Sale With Pleated Skirt ($86): Summer weddings are awesome because you get to wear lightweight maxi dresses like this one. And it comes in two colors!

Danita Sheath Dress

9. Danita Sheath Dress ($178): Pairing pastel shades with a blue this deep was such a genius move. It creates a summery, yet dramatic look. This color block dress is worth every single penny.

Wiggle Dress With Floral Embroidery

10. Wiggle Dress With Floral Embroidery ($130): We heart embroidery. So much.

Which women dress would you wear to a wedding? Let us know in the comments below!

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