Huludao City Swimwear Industry Development Seminar

The seminar has three components, 21 am at Huatai Hotel at Huludao swimsuits Industry Development Seminar, Huludao and Hing afternoon visit the city’s main swimwear business. After the visit, organized in Xingcheng swimwear industry development forum.

Huludao city leaders attach great importance to the seminar, in order to achieve long-term health Huludao swimsuit industry rapid development, two government leaders came to the venue, carefully listen associations, expert advisory and industry chain related businesses suggestions and comments.

Xingcheng industry development forum held in swimsuit, association leaders, Huludao two government leaders, expert advisory and invited companies to participate in the forum, the forum, guests freely, actively Xingcheng swimsuit coverups development offer suggestions.

The Huludao swimsuit Industry Development Seminar a success.

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