la perla 2013 spring and summer fashion publishing lingerie swimwear ad large

la perla 2013 spring and summer a large advertising lingerie model jeisa chiminazzo by the interpretation of a beautiful, full of Rococo style palace charm underwear world. la perla is the pride of Italy’s top luxury fashion than another famous Italian lingerie brand levante more insane. la perla is a dream, is a noble dream.

la perla Group was founded in 1954, it is the world’s top underwear, women, bikini swimsuits manufacturers, is the founder of fashion. Its la perla lingerie brand has a profound cultural connotation and Koreyoshi art, succeeded in making underwear really show the charm of women, the lingerie trend of young people into the world in time zones.

Its noble style and history, the industry as underwear swimwear products in the “Rolls-Royce.” la perla appearance, not only changed the Italian lingerie trend, this trend has also infected around the world. A woman, took off his coat, the still is beautiful, and is the most glamorous, sexy. Suffering gods love and blessing, we must make a clear distinction vulgar and pornographic. ”

This philosophy is perhaps the only one piece swimsuits laperla can read and write so vividly. Soft silk, cotton, considerate, romantic lace, seductive black, serene blue, warm pink, laperla moment, distribute woman’s charming atmosphere.