Swimwear Prevent Exposed

The heat of summer, but the ladies get blue sea waves good times. But you had better pay attention to you pretty lady, wearing a sexy cheap bikinis swimsuits if when a careless Happy Together, it was tragic. To this end, we deliberately intend to go to you ladies swim swimsuit anti emptied introduce some secrets –

I. caution chest pad many girls wear bathing suits, tend to be more conservative and prefer to use chest pad. But when you use a chest pad, keep in mind to use the needle fixed position, do not use activity-based models. Because when you leave the water after swimming, chest pad will take place, it is possible big fool of myself.

Two. Beware emptied if your one piece swimsuits lighter in color, it is necessary to consider whether in the water after the swimsuit transparent effect, avoid lower body emptied. Cloth, we should choose a thicker cotton, do not pick a thin synthetic material. Should be cleaned prior to wear a swimsuit and armpit hair triangular bit to avoid like the beauty pageant contestants at the general, there was an awkward shot.

Three. Drying preparation if it is wearing a dark swimsuit, then coated with sunscreen on, pay attention to the white sunscreen will not leave white marks on swimwear. The best way is pre-coated with a good sunscreen products, so that the skin absorbs and then put on bathing suits. If you usually like to wear dew shoulder shirt, there is activity on the optional strap wrap dresses style swimsuit; when the sun off his tape to avoid leaving sun women swimsuit marks.