5 Most Popular Disney Princess-Inspired Hairstyles

Disney has shaped our lives in more ways than one. We all dream of Prince Charming, the gowns, the classic sidekicks. But what we connect with the most are their dreamy wardrobes and elaborate hairdos.

We grew up watching Disney princesses and have always looked up to them for style inspiration. Be it Jasmine from Aladdin or Elsa from Frozen, there isn’t a single Disney hairdo we haven’t thought of sporting.

1. DIY Jasmine (Aladdin) Hairstyle Tutorial

Who wouldn’t love a hairstyle as feisty and dramatic as Jasmine’s? No wonder Aladdin fell head over heels in love with the hassle free with the long hair!

In the Disney movie, Princess Jasmine sports a lovely hairdo that does complete justice to her dense, long, black tresses. The hairstyle perfectly frames her pretty face. The pouf, the bubbles in the ponytail, as well as the princess’ headband are the pretty somethings that make this hairdo so amazing!

Want to get Jasmine’s hairstyle? We’ve got you sorted. Watch hairstyle expert Sandy take you through the steps to style your hair just like Aladdin’s Jasmine!

2. DIY Frozen Elsa’s French Braid

Frozen changed the concept of true love’s kiss for us! Elsa and Anna delighted us with their heart-warming bond. Not only the story but the wardrobe and their hairdos were also a feast for the eyes. Elsa’s amazing hairstyle is one to die for!

In the movie, crown princess Elsa is seen sporting a pale blond French braid. The pouf only adds to the beauty of her hairdo.

To style your hair like Elsa, all you need to do is follow Sandy’s instructions in the video below. His detailed step by step tutorial will make creating Elsa’s elaborate braid super easy.

3. Frozen Anna’s Coronation Hairdo Tutorial

The perfect little sister to the crown princess, Anna won over every heart due to her innocent, timorous nature. Always ready to dance away, Anna represents the bubbly girl within us all.

Being a princess herself, her sartorial choices and hairdos are impeccable. Her twisted bun from the coronation day is the perfect blend of elegance and grace.

For emulating Anna’s coronation day hairdo, follow Sandy as he demonstrates the detailed procedure to don the hairdo.

4. Princess Hairstyles: Pinwheel Bun Hairstyle, Unique Ballerina Bun

As graceful as the dancers who sport this style, the ballerina bun is one hairstyle that oozes grace and elegance like no other.
Inspired by Cinderella’s updo, this no fuss, hassle-free hairdo imparts the princess’s grace to the one sporting it. Now, there’s none who can say no to that, right?

In order to look as great as her in this up-done hairstyle, all you have to do is follow the tutorial below. And voila! You’ll have the perfect princess bun.

5. DIY Aurora’s Hairdo From Maleficent

Aurora or Briar Rose sported cascading curls in the Disney movie Sleeping Beauty. The demure princess carries this hairdo with élan. This soft style has inspired many girls and teenagers to follow suit.

A hairstyle needn’t necessarily be dramatic to be beautiful. The curls accompanied by the braids at the crown show how even a simple hairdo can impart grace and beauty to the wearer.

To sport Aurora’s curls, just click on the video below and follow Sandy as he guides you on how to get her perfect hairdo within a few minutes.

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