THIS Is the Step You’re Skipping Before Dyeing Your Hair

Most people often daydream about finding that special someone, but getting to that point takes a little dating to figure out what your looking for. Finding the perfect hair color is kind of the same thing. You need some time to figure out if it’s the one. In the meantime, a hair gloss, glaze or top coat is a great way to date your way to the ultimate shade. Coming in many enhancing shades, or clear to just add shine, glosses are an instant pick-me-up, and fall is the perfect time for a rich + bold change.

Here’s a list of why you should opt for a gloss and take it slow and check out options before making a big full-on color commitment:

1. Glosses are great for covering grays or other hair colors. If you have little to no gray that needs covering, glosses are your BFF. They fade between six to eight weeks, but don’t leave lines of demarcation behind. So there’s no long-term commitment needed, unless you fall in love. If you enjoy changing your color with every season, this also could be the right option. Test out tones and see what works with your skin. You can also blend tones together to really create a customized look.

2. Glosses refresh faded ends. When you’re getting your root touch-up with regular color and feel like the ends look a little blah, throw a gloss on and rinse all at the same time. This will bring the richness and tones back to life. If you have ombre or color on the ends, that’s fine too. Just put different colors on the shafts. Glosses will work with the variation of tones that the hair naturally has. And here’s a shoutout to all the redheads, ’cause this is the best way to keep your color from fading fast.

3. Glosses will repair any summer damage you have. With summer winding down, our hair is a bit of a hot mess. A gloss can repair your hair and nurture the damage. It will bring texture back to life and double as a deep conditioner, leaving your tresses full of shine.

4. It tones down bright highlights. Are your blonde pieces looking a little too brassy? Don’t worry — this can happen on the reg. Blonde hair can lose its brightness and hold unwanted tones. Use a gloss to calm down the color and seal in the highlights that you just got. It’ll leave your locks looking and feeling great.

Which reason makes you want to try a gloss? Let us know in the comments below!

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