GAINREEL Fashion Swimwear Brand Dazzling Red and Green Summer Blooms

Go to the beach this summer, how the selection of swimming suits it? Bikini swimsuits too exposed, one piece swimsuits are not free, there GAINREEL swimming suits, you do not have to worry. GAINREEL 2013 years of the new three-piece swimming suits, with how you ride, sexy, stylish and elegant, all in song Riel!

GAINREEL fragrance floated womens bathing suits three-piece split design concept: the use of printing ink is undoubtedly another new fashion! Aesthetic use of ink in the form of enchanting flowers blooming in the smooth fabric on top of life, wherever invariably exudes a charming art! match into the elegant art galleries, feeling life is the supreme art of influence.

GAINREEL fragrance floated split swimming suits three-piece lightweight mesh outer shirt, soft, hazy elegant, beautiful ink printing, sexy bikini, sexy girls with a somewhat sweet temperament.

The girl has been flouncing representative of fashion elements, bikini swimsuits combined with patchwork ruffles highlight the hot sultry figure, together with the elegant facial Strapless gauze beach dress, hidden waist fat, but also adds a feminine alien style.

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