Differences in Consumer Attitudes

From the consumer psychology and consumer features, the foreigners prefer prominent, feature oriented, they are not afraid of something new, not afraid to overturn the traditional, the pursuit of independence, do not like the same with the public, unlike the Chinese people like to follow the trend of large-scale, foreigners hopes Consumer shaping itself into […]

Select Swimwear Points

(1) spandex content: spandex content of international standards is about 18% better swimming suits, one is to reach 18% spandex content. (2) Flexibility: good swimsuit should be a very tight tension, of course, flexibility is not the better, but rebound recovery is better able to return as many times considered a good stretch. Feel good […]

Most Elect Old Swimsuit

London Olympics less than two months from the time the choice of international swimming right womens bathing suits still in a state of confusion. July 2009, FINA announced the “sharkskin swimsuit” 2010 Global disabled, this also means using high-tech means to improve travel speed along the history passed away. According to regulations, since 2010, men […]