Review Padmate PaMu Scroll True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Review Padmate PaMu Scroll True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Today we have the opportunity to pick up 1 best sounding wireless headphones. This is considered extremely hot. With many components, both comfortable and convenient portable battery charger, and more importantly, it also controls water protection at a high level. These wireless headphones have been overwhelmingly brought to the market. But what we will bring to say today is the Pamu headphones. It is a versatile headset that is good to use. In addition, it comes with various applications that eliminate the problem of delaying. Let’s take a look at this person. And for not being a waste of time, we come to do unbox pamu.


For the package of the Pamu, it comes in a small box shape, fit in hand. The box has a clear logo to the brand. Beside the box on both sides, sign that Padmate, which is the brand of Pamu. Pamu is the model name. The back of the box will identify the colors in all 4 shades including the use and connection systems. All will be in Chinese, so do not pay attention. Because we can’t read it just enough to guess.

After unboxing, you will find the following devices:

  1. Elegant leather case for portable and portable
  2. Pamu headphones
  3. Spare stopper
  4. Micro USB cable
  5. User manual
Viya Talk About PaMu Scroll

For headphones like Pamu, it is designed in an in-ear shape, stuffed with a wireless ear that we call True Wireless. Control touch operation. The earpiece will have an elegant appearance. Strong, durable and lightweight The main use will be Auto, if we take out the case, it will find the signal immediately. Which can be used continuously for about 3 and a half hours, comes with a case box that can be used for about 2 times. The storage box will be made beautifully. Is a leather box case looks like a chimney very beautiful and colorful, beautiful patterns and also comes with a mic to use while chatting freely in addition, the Pamu comes with a Bluetooth 5.0 connection, making it fast, seamless, time-consuming and time consuming. The Pamu also gives a good response. Especially the control that has no problem with delay, disturbing whether playing games Watch movies or listen to music And at the same time, it also supports water protection at IPX6 level, can be used for exercise Play sports comfortably, worry about sweat Because it can waterproof up to the splashing water level Is to put on the Songkran play, it can be played to the fullest.


For the sound of this headphone Will give out a comfortable listening tone Giving softness while listening not aggressive.

High sound – will give out a comfortable listening tone spikes but gives good details Various musical pieces are not overlapping while listening. But with a sound stage that is not wide enough but doesn’t feel too narrow Can capture various details well

Middle tone – gives a slightly soft feel The vocals are saturated and discreet. The end of the sound of the Pamu is not very open, but gives a fairly smooth flow. His vocals will be near the piece of music. Not feeling very aggressive or aggressive

The low – bass sound of the Pamu is thick and soft in the middle. The mass is not too large. Giving enough force to strike, not very firm Which its strength is in the sound that focuses on listening comfortably Give the bass good enough But overall in every area The low noise area is outstanding.


It ended up being completed with the review of Pamu True Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 headphones. Easy to use and comfortable, it also gives a beautiful leather case and the portability of our daily lives is great. The Pamu Scroll product is now available at $75 on Moldac. 1 year warranty.

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