PaMu Slide TWS In-ear Headphones with Large Battery

PaMu Slide TWS In-ear Headphones with Large Battery

We have been flattened with “ears” since Apple launched its Airpods. Many of these ears are assembled with standard technology and are often purchased on the basis of a low price. Recently I received the PaMu earbuds and it has more to offer than the standard earphones from the Chinese web stores.


This product is made by PadMate, which has been successful on Indiegogo a number of times. They often achieved their goal many times on this crowd source platform. The most recent product that the company wants to market through crowdfunding is the PaMu Slide.

PaMu Slide

We are here talking about a completely wireless headset without wires to the smartphone or between the earphones. The product looks a lot like the Airpods and the many clones that were made afterwards. The PaMu Slide distinguishes itself on many fronts from the cheap “junk” that you sometimes see passing by.

The sliding mechanism of PaMu

The PaMu Slide gets its name from the mechanism with which you open the box. This is usually a flap that you open with a hinge. With the PaMu Slide, this is a sliding mechanism with which you slide the lid to the rear. A nice detail and also well executed because the mechanism feels good and sturdy.

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Keep the earplugs in the box so that you do not lose them. Just like with the Samsung Galaxy Buds and the Soundcore, the ears are charged in the box.

The box is quite large and large but that gives you a lot of loading time. The ears themselves last 10 hours, but together with the holder you reach 60 hours and that is quite a lot. The battery in the case is 2000 mAh and that is almost 10 times as much as with the Samsung Galaxy Buds. In principle you carry a power bank with you. That’s what they came up with at the factory, which is why you can also use the case as a wireless charger.

Turn the case over, press the button on the side and place your smartphone on the case. This way you can also charge your smartphone’s battery when it is almost empty (only with the PaMu Slide Plus). The Samsung Galaxy Buds can do that trick too, but the other way around, they can be charged with a smartphone.


With this model it is always a problem to keep them in your ears. On its own website, the company claims that they NEVER fall out of your ears. Unfortunately I cannot support that claim because they do fall from my ears. In addition, I must say that it was no more (rather less) than the ones that I tested before. The “stalks” are comfortable to wear. My ears did not bother me when I had them in for a long time.

When you compare them with the Apple Airpods you will see that the “stalk” is slightly shorter but thicker. I have the idea that the Airpods stay in place thanks to the slender design.

When your case slides open and you remove the earphones, they will connect immediately. This is a fast process, very occasionally I had an ear not connected. The easiest way was to put them back in the case and to take them out again.

When you put them back in the case, the connection is broken. What I do miss is that when I just take the ears off and put away the connection is not broken. The music just keeps playing and that’s a shame. So you should always put them back in the case and that is inconvenient, especially considering the format.

PaMu Slide TWS In-ear Headphones with Large Battery


The design can still be so good, it is of course about the quality of the sound. The problem with these wireless in-ears is often the low tones. Because you cannot properly form a sound box, a nice deep bass is often absent.

You won’t get a real deep bass on the PaMu Slide, at least not the one you get with a thick over-ear headset. We did not expect this of course. They claim this on the PaMu website, but I would like to say that the experience of sound is very personal. When I compare this set with the previous devices that I tested, it is just below the Samsung Galaxy Buds in terms of sound quality. Calling the PaMu slide is much better. The other party can understand me very well and the fact that there is a microphone in every ear really helps very well.

Touch controls

The operation of the music and the like also goes through the ears. You can start various actions by tapping or using a ling press. This also includes activating Google Assistant.


The PaMu Slide is a good and reliable in-ear headphone. Technically it works well and I have had no annoying technical setbacks.

The PaMu Slide is for sale for $ 49 and $ 69 during the crowdfunding on IndieGoGo. When the products are out of this promotion, the price goes up.

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