Viya Talk About PaMu Scroll

Padmate Quality Wireless Headphones PaMu Scroll Review

At this time, I must say that True Wireless type headphones are really strong. I am currently in many brands to choose from. Each brand has different capabilities. Which is another brand that is interesting, not like other brands, it is the Padmate PaMu Scroll.

Viya Talk About PaMu Scroll

Waterproof IPX6

This version of PaMu Scroll is a true wireless in ear headphones that has many interesting features. Besides the weight is light, with a small size and has a beautiful charging case that looks good. Also comes with IPX6 waterproof capability that is moisture resistant, waterproof, sweat effectively. Making it able to be used for exercise in a hurry.

Bluetooth 5.0
In addition to the IPX6 waterproof capability, it also comes with a modern Bluetooth version 5.0 that is stable and has a high signal sensitivity and can be used to talk on the phone. The sound from our line-up will come out to us to hear both sides, which is different from many other brands that can only be heard on one side.

10 hours battery life

The battery of PaMu Scroll itself is sufficient to use. PaMu Scroll can be used for a maximum of 3.5 hours, and when used in combination with a charging case, it can be used up to 10.5 hours.

Easy connection

It’s easy to use and user friendly. We can lift both headphones out of the case and then choose our devices to connect to. Because the headset will turn on and enter paring mode for us automatically. And if we want to connect to the device that has been connected to our PaMu Scroll in the next round, just take it out of the case and start using it.

Touch control
Control of playing various songs can be done by tapping the body on the side of the PaMu. It will be used as a touch system. For example Tapping on the earpiece 1 time will play – stop the music or tap the body 2 times to skip the song.

Wear comfortable, never fall out
The feeling of wearing is very comfortable and light, with the weight of the earphones that are only 5 grams per side and the body is designed to fit in the shape of our ears. Using in everyday life, it doesn’t easily fall out of our ears.
Sound quality

In terms of the sound, it is impressive not to lose the other models. For the songs that I bring to test will be the songs that I use to listen in everyday life when traveling around. What will the sound be like?

How is it? With the reviews of the Padmate PaMu Scroll headphones, hopefully this review will be another way to make decisions for everyone. And anyone who is interested in experimenting with PaMu Scroll can stop by to try and listen to each other at a stable headphone shop. At this time, there will be 4 different colors ( Black, Sienna, Brown, Pink ) for you to choose from on Moldac.

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