Expert Advice on Beautiful Hair at All Times

If a genie gave you a magic lamp with 3 wishes, what would they be? All the girls of the TBS Crew agree on at least one of them: to have wonderful hair! But is it really a fairytale dream? We asked Dr. Jeni Thomas, Senior Scientist specialized in the study of hair and scalp, who revealed to us the secrets to healthy and shiny locks. Here are her 15 tips on how to have beautiful hair 😉

1.Wash it as many times as you want, even everyday if you feel the need to. There is no maximum number of times in a week, it’s all about the type of environment you live in, how many times you practice a sport and your type of hair. What’s important is to use the right shampoo for your hair and to never forget the conditioner. Frequent washes, in fact, do not damage nor get the hair dirtier. Dermatological studies have shown that the sebum on the scalp, responsible for making our hair dirty, is in no way affected by a correct washing procedure, which consists in using water at room temperature and products that are specific to our needs.

2. How should we choose the right products? Easy: think of your hair and the main problem affecting it. If, for example, it’s colored hair, you should select a product that is specifically studied for it; if, otherwise, it lacks volume, you should choose a volumizing shampoo.

3. It is not true that the shampoos we find in the supermarkets are ineffective or even damaging. If we compare their chemical composition, we can see how the ingredients are more or less the same of the shampoos sold in the salons. As we mentioned earlier, what’s important is to choose the right product for our type of hair!

4. Avoid shampoo and conditioner 2 in 1 products. They are acceptable only if you are really in a hurry, but remember that they are far less effective. Avoid spray conditioners too; all hair shall be appropriately involved in the treatment.

5. Love your conditioner more than your it-bag! This is, in fact, the most important product for healthy and wonderful hair. You should choose the right one for you and apply it every time from roots to ends. Do not be afraid of weighing it down; if that happens, it’s just because you still haven’t found the right product for you! And don’t rinse it for too long, 30 seconds are more than enough.

6. If you regularly use a conditioner, you have no need for a mask. But if you feel that sometimes it’s not enough, try a “shock” treatment, using a hydrating mask once a week until you’ll have solved your problem.

7. The hair is at its weakest when it’s wet. So avoid rubbing it with the towel when you get out of the shower (in order to eliminate excessive water just dab it), and if you really have to comb it, do it with using a wide tooth comb or a natural brush that doesn’t break. However, if you regularly use conditioner your hair should hardly get tangled!

8. Just one brush can be enough. Your fingers are all you need to better distribute the conditioner and for the first steps of the drying process. For the styling, instead, a round brush is just perfect. Choose one with natural bristles; it will help you obtaining both waves and straight hair.

9. Even in winter, dry your hair using at least warm air for half of the time (just press the COLD button on your hairdryer). Heath is in fact responsible for the main damages suffered by our hair. The best thing would be switching to a hot airflow only during the styling phase.

10. Invest in a smoothing serum: it’s a basic product that protects the hair from the heath of the hairdryer. Always try to avoid the flat iron: it is true, it’s easier to use, but it can cause much more damage.

11. Pay even more attention if your hair is blonde or curly: its structure and composition makes it weaker than dark or naturally straight hair. So, never skip the conditioner and serum and let it air-dry as often as you can. It will obviously take longer, but take it as a way of pampering yourself that will make you look even more beautiful.

12. If you have healthy hair and would like to make it grow, do not cut it. If you don’t have split ends, the usual trim is not necessary. Always keep an eye on the health of your hair and, if everything is fine, just keep growing it without any problem! But if you notice something wrong, act immediately. First, use a restoring mask and, if that’s not enough, make an appointment with your hairdresser

13. Don’t tie it too often. And most importantly, not too tight and never when it’s wet (it’s weaker, remember?). Beware of hair ties and pins, if made of metal, they risk damaging the hair.

14. It is totally normal to lose more hair than usual during the change of seasons. So, do not worry and don’t listen to those who suggest buying anti-hair loss products. It would be useless, because it’s a natural and perfectly normal phenomenon that is common to all of us.

15. Eat eggs, fruit and vegetables. Avoid alcohol and cigarettes. Just like the skin, hair is affected by faulty nutrition and it becomes more beautiful when you follow a healthy and balanced diet. Next time you make an avocado toast + a poached egg, be aware that it’s not jus delicious but it also works wonders for your hair!

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