Dressing to Match the Best

Smita (named changed), a young woman of 25, was in a quandry post getting placed with a leading multinational company in Delhi. As it happened, Smita was offered a role as the senior product head of the company which specialized in fashion and thus, she needed to be both the captain and the face of the ship. This required stylish outfits for work, for client meetings, for designer meetings, for evening parties, launches, promotions and what not! She was in a fix relating to the abysmal state of her wardrobe.

How on earth am I going to even look like the product head of an emerging fashion company with this scanty wardrobe? Smita wondered aloud when her friend Neha dropped in at her apartment. What do I do Neha? Smita groaned aloud.

Her friend, though, had a solution store.

Why don’t you check out the amazing collection of navy dresses at Vilanya.com?

Smita logged onto the portal and suddenly seemed to have found a solution for her fashion woes! After taking a look at the collection of dresses on Vilanya.com, navy is certainly a smart color and there’s so much variety here she mused.

She checked out the entire navy dress collection on the site and here’s what she picked up.

1. Deluxe Maxi Dresses on Sale – A perfect option for wearing to evening parties, launches and promotions for Smita, this dress looks resplendent in navy and comes with a pattern that fuses grandeur with class quite effortlessly.

2. Navy Icona Dress- Ideal for playing around with one’s look and sending temperatures soaring at parties, this dress caught Smita’s attention at the first go itself!

3. Girl Next Door Dress- True to its name, this is a sober yet charming dress, one that Smita immediately felt she would be able to wear to work.

Smita finally found a way out of her fashion dilemmas with the help of StalkBuyLove.com’s navy dress collection. So, are you ready to find your new dress collection?

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