October Halloween Day

From September 23 to October 31 in Hong Kong , ” Ocean Park Ocean Park Halloween Bash ” this year will be upgraded to “Halloween Republic ” national spirit ghost festival night , stunt Ghost Parade , Pirates of the nightmare room , etc. 25 a frightened items waiting for you to experience.

According to Hong Kong Ocean Park Matthias Li, Deputy Chief Executive Officer , the ” Ocean Park Halloween Bash ” event in the past 10 years, has created more than 2800 only “Phantom Ghost ” for the more than 4 million visitors from around the world bring endless stimulation and joy . Compared to 10 years ago, Ocean Park Hong Kong this year, the number of spooky , haunted attractions have been greatly improved. More than 25 in order to scare the theme of key projects, 8 features a haunted house , 444 wearing a halloween costumes will bring visitors of Beetlejuice super exciting experience .

It is reported that Ocean Park Halloween Bash Kingdom in addition to conventional attractions , but also the first to introduce 3D technology developed by the Hong Kong , writing into the “3D nightmare sneak ” claustrophobic chamber, enable visitors to difficile true horror dreams . It is also designed to work only tourists a person to enter the ” spirits of the dead coffin factory ” , you need to challenge authority tourists alone heavy coffin maze . Park is still haunted by adding wide Chinese people are familiar with horror elements , design a ” Qing residual differences were recorded ,” witness various reputed foreign torture tricks.

In addition , there are 50 variety of special ghost country feast waiting for you to enjoy .


1 , tickets: Hong Kong Ocean Park admission ticket adult 280 Hong Kong dollars , the child 140 Hong Kong dollars . In addition, the CTB has ” Ocean Park Citybus Route ” package , including Ocean Park Ocean Park admission and round trip fare routes were 209 Hong Kong dollars for adults , children 105 Hong Kong dollars ( 3-11 years old ) .

2 , buy amulets . In the gift shop had sold 29 million a talisman , it would be hanging in the chest , bright for ” Beetlejuice ” who look, they will not dare close to you.

3, with a gift home. In addition to specialty foods , the Ocean Park Halloween Bash introduced a variety of souvenirs , such as pumpkin hat , discount halloween costumes and a variety of headband, a more thrilling , can eat snacks can be scary , ” ingot “, ” candles .”

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Halloween is traditionally important festivals in Europe and America , this festival has always been very popular among various festivities to welcome children and young people . Halloween on October 31 this day , parents will take the children to wear Halloween ghost costume from house to house to discuss candy ; while young partygoers will put scare shape . Ten years ago , Ocean Park Hong Kong has introduced this concept and took an interesting authentic name “Halloween ” , in September and October , held a series of celebrations. Because the subject spectacular , innovative and entertaining way for visitors to bring immense joy stimulation , ” Ocean Park Halloween Bash ” quickly became the most successful events in Hong Kong .

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