Halloween Magic Transfiguration

November 1 each year is Halloween, when the arrival of Halloween, children will not wait to wear colorful cheap halloween costumes, wearing strange masks, carrying a lantern, “Jack Light” channeling households, the adult we ask for holiday gifts. Fantastic, “Jack Light” and “do not give candy to make trouble,” the prank and therefore renowned. Although Westerners festival, but the festival more and more “foreign” of today, it may take a “Western style” one, taking advantage of the holiday worked on Tricky addiction or COS addiction it!

Pumpkin, but most classic Halloween representative element, then, simply the pumpkin wore it. This is a two-piece suit, white green collar lotus sleeve turtle neck, add pumpkin face pattern discount halloween costumes, simple and neat, so that you transform into the most adorable kid.

If you want to play Tricky terror, kid style dress is very suitable for it. Both black and white impermanence spirits drama, or martial arts in the black and white Shuangsha the like, in black and white, you can create an extremely exaggerated horror kid image. Children can be properly re-do some painting on the face, it is not very fun? But do not be scared too timid child yo.

Back in early October, stylish little princess Suri uncle who was the paparazzi photographed the beautiful unique halloween costumes for women. Many netizens speculated that it was Halloween Suri equipment Oh! Cute and colorful, this beautiful little ladybug also sprouting evil beings. Conversion is done you will give the devil head home to prepare what transfiguration equipment do?