Differences in Consumer Attitudes

From the consumer psychology and consumer features, the foreigners prefer prominent, feature oriented, they are not afraid of something new, not afraid to overturn the traditional, the pursuit of independence, do not like the same with the public, unlike the Chinese people like to follow the trend of large-scale, foreigners hopes Consumer shaping itself into a distinctive unique individual. Consumption in swimming suits as well. And most people’s consumption concept is a bit conservative, especially in the online shopping popular, “follow suit” has almost become a more practical shopping rule.

According to experts, the majority of consumers in China’s swimwear replacement frequency is once a year, and some few consumers replaced every two years, with the U.S. and Europe and other developed countries, consumer attitudes significantly different. In the international market, has become a fast fashion swimwear products, consumption is bigger. In addition, foreign swimsuits styles in the majority, while China mostly Siamese, split skirt swimsuit or majority, compared with bikini, more material, the cost is relatively high, to some extent, the traditional consumer attitudes are also constrained the domestic swimwear market.

What kind of swimsuit in China the most sought after? According to Taobao swimwear sales data analysis, nearly two years with the strong return of retro, bikini areas are no longer alone in swimwear popular pick girders, swimwear regression conservative trend is clearly more more women favored one piece swimsuits, 2010, these products accounted for 60.1% of total sales. Bikini turnover accounted for 39.9%. However, after women bikini difficult to let go of the complex, always walk in the forefront of Shanghai opened in bikini Hot provinces ranked first. Top of the provinces from the business turnover of view, businesses Liaoning province ranked first in the country. Especially in hot swimwear single product recommendation, the majority are from Huludao, because fashionable and affordable by buyers alike. In addition to Liaoning, the garment industry and commerce industry developed Zhejiang, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong is also the main gathering place one piece swimsuits businesses. From the piece, split, bikinis, and a variety of styles were visible in statistics, skirted swimsuit is undoubtedly a popular choice.

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