Behind the Confusion Swimwear Market

Weather is getting hot, people go swimming naturally more up, major shopping malls selling swimming suits counter this should usher in the season, especially in two recently launched two tranches of TV star “diving” program high popularity ratings, and more attract the audience’s eye, the lens and the stars are wearing different types of styles of swimwear, but also stimulate people’s aesthetic passion for swimwear, thus conjecture that this year’s womens bathing suits market will fire one, but into the market situation is not as good as expectations.

Cognitive limitations on swimwear

In the Beijing market, not only from Australia, France, Germany, Italy and other places swimwear, swimwear brand domestic and equally dazzling good sales momentum, which Hosa, love, Chau grams Kateb dragon, gold Cher became domestic brands leader in sales was significantly ahead of other swimwear products, the current mainstream market price of 300 to 500 yuan.

Reporters recently visited Beijing Xidan shopping district some of the shopping malls, specialty swimwear counter slightly deserted. Whenever there are close to, the sales staff will warmly meet her ask, “You want to choose what style of bikini swimsuits,” can not be accurately described in the customer what they want swimsuit, the sales clerk always added a “what price you want to purchase of? “reporter noted salespeople ask is,” price “rather than” function wear appropriate occasion “, which to some extent reflects a lot of people on the swimsuit cognitive limitations.

The sales staff told reporters here consumer customers are mainly white-collar workers mainly in the high-income class and students. These people are divided into three categories, one of which is a professional swimwear functional requirements, according to function selected for their swimsuit. The second is the entry-level enthusiasts, on the swimsuit styles, fabrics function scanty. The third is almost not swim, buy a swimsuit is to “face project” blind faith-known brands, such as Australia’s world-famous brand swimsuit speedo, France, arena or born in Hong Kong swimwear brand hosa so on.

Industry experts pointed out that Chinese consumers swimsuit there another misunderstanding. “Swimsuit wearing only swimming, in addition to professional sports brands such as Speedo (speedo), etc., swimwear functional difference is not, generally within a few hundred dollars basically no functional difference swimwear brand swimwear generally just quality and style better. “dressed in costume occasion increasingly blurred boundaries of today, that one piece swimsuits is only suited to the seashore concept is outdated, swimwear can be divided into athletic type, life, histrionic, sexy model, as well as” bikini “can be said that has been achieved swimwear “fashion, entertainment, lifestyle,” the cross-border, and became a major fashion modeling a single product.

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