The Origin Bikini

July 1, 1946, the U.S. military a B-29 bomber flew over the Pacific Marshall Islands Bikini Atoll, dropping an atomic bomb, and then immediately drop height, sharp turns 180 degrees, increase the throttle, fast fly bikini airspace. Drop the atomic bomb to explode after a certain height. Huge impact, intense light radiation swept across the island. U.S. forces on the island are mostly put guinea pigs became a victim, including many in the Bikini Island coastal warships.

Conducted in the United States in the Bikini Atoll atomic bomb tests after World War II for the first time, make the island soon became world-renowned land.

Just a few days after the July 5, the French man named Louis Rilde’s just diverted designers as inspiration, with the invention of a “bikini” in the name of the one piece swimsuits. Mi Qilin · Euphrates Platini dancer, leaving this “three cloth” consisting of works produced as much as the atomic bomb-like effect, and ultimately changed the world fashion trend.

60 years later, in Paris, the famous Champs Elysees, the French fashion industry to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the advent bikini, the largest ever held in swimwear exhibition than the base. The exhibition, people can not only learn the history of bikini, but also can enjoy the many well-known fashion designer in 2006 to design a variety of the latest models cheap bikinis.

Original unknown dancer Mi Qilin · Euphrates Platini, July 5, 1946 after he reportedly were fifty men to marry

In 1946, the French auto technician Luis Rilde through inheritance became the center of Paris, the boss of a lingerie store sales. To save costs, reduce the cost clothes, who had never designed a clothes engineers produced with as little fabric manufacturing a female costume ideas. Soon, Rilde their own ideas into practice, he began to design hands postwar newest women’s clothing.

Being Rilde day and night to design their own ideal lady clothes, July 1, 1946, the United States in the Pacific Marshall Islands Bikini Atoll conducted the world’s first atomic bomb test in World War II. It a time to become the world’s major news media headlines, Rilde therefore be inspired. July 18, 1946, he was in Paris, unveiled by the three and four straps made of cloth swimming suits and give named this swimsuit bikini.

The world’s smallest swimsuit cover the body, which cover your breasts through the bra, back straps outside almost all except a few bare crotch panties put on as much as possible, most dramatically revealed the women’s buttocks, legs, hips . It forms simple, small, with only less than 30 inches cloth, crumpled can be loaded into a matchbox. Previously, swimwear is very conservative, cover most of the body. And Rilde design is to make women boldly bare majority of the upper abdomen. This swimsuit choices are printed newspaper content section of the fabric, smart designer hint showing his newspaper in the world, bold design will occupy a large layout.

But at the time, Louis Rilde This piece swimsuit a lot less than traditional fabrics, bold style momentary exposure set off a public outcry. Female model was not even willing to put it to show people.

Luis Rilde forced to find then Mickey Lin · Birla Platini strippers, persuaded her to put on the first “bikini.” July 5, Mi Qilin · Euphrates Platini wearing “bikini” open a swimming pool in Paris debut, she was holding a small box can hold mini swimwear, said, “bikini” swimsuit fabric so little. The presence of the photographer left the world’s first bikini photos. Since then, the “bikini” has brought a great sensation has become out of control.
Bikini: wear minimal clothing so far
Rilde bikini design launched, indeed caused uproar in the media and fashion industry. Because, in the 20th century and four fifties, female body exposed to a wide range of clothing is still very difficult socially acceptable in many European countries, media have accused the Rilde destroyed costume design aesthetic standards. His bikini is the world’s fashion industry “atomic bomb.”

1950s, Italy and Spain over the government introduced laws to prohibit women in the Mediterranean sunshine on the beach wearing a bikini relaxing; German region of Bavaria and Munich government had explicitly prohibit women from wearing a bikini in public places, offenders will be fined to do six days old orphanage volunteer; while Rilde hometown Paris, France, many well-known fashion magazine was also strongly resisted female model wearing a bikini for a magazine cover pictures. Result in a bikini was originally created ten years, this dress does not quickly became popular in Europe, Rilde did not become a famous fashion designer.

In the beginning, the Holy See is considered risque bikini ban on people wearing in the Miss World beauty pageant contestants were also prohibits States bikini admission. Public opinion was criticized this dress as: “The two girls pitiful cloth everything exposed, girls no privacy, their surnames became their only secret.”

Marilyn Monroe became popular in the beginning Bikini
Just for your own design Rilde extreme anguish, in faraway America bikini got the opportunity to develop. When one of the stars of Hollywood’s most famous Marilyn Monroe wearing bikini movie screens and art photo appeared in various fashion magazines, the people of this sexy swimsuit was first started light.

In a bikini swimsuits with the help of Marilyn Monroe became a Hollywood sex goddess, bikini because Monroe’s name linked with rapidly popular in the world. After the 1960s, Europe and the United States is a stretch of beach has been “bikini.”

In the 20th century the ensuing decades, Brigitte Bardot’s “bikini girl” released in France, bikini captivated Frenchman, became fashionable attire; Brian Hyland’s song ” tiny yellow polka dot bikini “Bikini became a household leaving things; to 1969, the United States,” Life “magazine has a presentation bikini, bikini this time the negative image has disappeared. According to recent statistics, the British woman in bikini on an annual consumption of about 45 million pounds, the French bikini female swimwear sales accounted for about half of the market.

Bikini evolved into what we now often seen styles. Our country for this type of bikini is still very conservative. Western countries to wear a bikini is a sense of confidence. They can show their impressive figure reflects a woman’s charm.

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