Swimwear Knowledge

Swimming warm-up: It should warm up 10-15 minutes, joint activities and various parts of the muscles, prevent entry of water too cold and cramps. Warm water before swimming into the water bath and then, you will not feel cold. Because warm water bath (30-40 ℃ in between) who can take away some of the heat, so make your body temperature close to the temperature of the pool (usually around 27 ℃).
Swimwear purchase:
1 swimsuits one piece: For the shy lady is a great option.
2 flat foot swimsuit: Suitable for smaller people wearing thigh; fit women reluctant to express themselves, but it will make legs look very short, so choose carefully.
3. Waist swimsuit: micro sudden fit belly lady, preferably with twill, can take up to mention waist effect, but also to divert attention, to achieve the effect of modification.
4 skirt style swimsuit: Suitable for flat buttocks ladies, either visually beautify the hip line, they can show beautiful legs.
5 split swimsuit: Suitable fashionable lady, she can choose to do a good lady.
6 large V-neck one-piece swimsuit: Suitable for busty ladies waist hips, but not too fancy pattern, otherwise it will affect the results.
7 Bikini: Bikini is not a good figure to women, even if you do not have a good figure, as long as the appropriate choice of bikini, but also cleverly disguised body’s shortcomings, let you show charm. (With special attention to style and color)
Swimwear Maintenance:
First, swimming suits, do not sit on rough objects; sun oil, sunscreen stains swimsuit do.
Second, after swimming: 1. Rinse the salt stick in pink swimsuit, sand, and other corrosive substances. Can be coupled with the lukewarm water in a mild detergent, do not use washing machine and bleach. 2 Rinse thoroughly; 3 Do not wring their hands, the swimsuit flat on a dry towel and let the towel to absorb moisture swimsuit, wet swimsuits can not be placed curl; 4 dry, do not use dryer or iron; 5 dry after closing a cool place.

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