Sharkskin Swimsuit Maid Players Retire Jaked

swimming suits buttocks split a big hole, so Flavia left Cary very embarrassing.

Information Times reported that Beijing on July 1, the Italian swimmer Flavia left the eastern city of Cali to participate in the Italian Mediterranean Games held in Pease Carla swimming competition suffered “a lucky accident,” her swimming suits buttocks sudden rupture! Although after the accident left Cary trying to hide “emptied” place, but the tall, she still can not avoid to become the focus of audience. Kari tears left aggrieved pool, have announced retirement.

Flavia left Carrey split in swimming suits after hand over openings.

Let the left Cary suffered emptied within a day, a double blow to retire the culprit is Jaked J01 series of swimming suits. The swimming suits one surface covered with polyurethane non-permeable material, has good scalability, professional swimming suits commonly used, can reduce the resistance to help athletes in the race to achieve better results. It now appears that this so-called “shark skin more violent than the” high-tech swimming suits is the time to strengthen the quality check.

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Swimmer shed a grievance out of the race.

It is reported that, Jaked peddle really excels new swimming suits, women swimming suits which covered the surface of one non-permeable polyurethane materials, which have good elasticity in the professional swimming suits in general use. In the last year, helping players to create 73 world records have polyurethane Speedo LZR Racer is the cutting-edge technology. Speedo Chinese website once said, Speedo LZR Racer extra layer of polyurethane surface, the water resistance can be effectively reduced by 10%, 5% reduction in oxygen consumption, swimwear water to eat a whole can be reduced approximately 69%, Phelps had described himself put it after the “feel like a rocket being fired.”

Because Jaked polyurethane distribution, let this play together some of these amazing athletes guess the world record and the role of swimming suits are not unrelated. The swimming suits wearing the three Olympic silver medalist Hugo – Dubbo Nova received only 50 meters breaststroke the fourth place, while in France the past 20 games, he had 18 first place. His coach Chris Toth – Papadopoulos bluntly said: “I am very disappointed to lose the game turned out to be because we do not wear proper swimming suits.” And the 1992 Barcelona Olympics 200 meters butterfly runner-up Frank – Esper Esposito is a burst Antiaris: “You can see the general level of the athletes also have outstanding performance, this is ridiculous.”

Flavia left her hands to her face out of the race card.

It is worth mentioning that, FINA issued in March this year, “Dubai Charter” had swimming suits made detailed provisions, such as the thickness of not more than 1 mm, the use of non-permeable materials swimming suits can not exceed 50% of the total area and so on. Arena manager, said the French company’s new swimming suits Jaked through FINA approval, then it seems it can be concluded that subsection swimming suits that meet the above requirements. But whether there has been a new generation of technology, “crossed” the provisions of the Charter of Dubai, which also allow FINA had doubts. It is reported that, in order to ensure impartiality when swimming world championships in Rome, FINA is currently being independently detect Arena and Jaked two brands of new swimming suits, and this is likely related to Bernard and Bousquet’s world record is to be recognized . And between FINA and the new swimming suits, “one foot in mind that” the more force, it seems once again begun.

France players with a new record-breaking swimming suits

In Swimming Championships held in Montpellier, France produced a stunning world record, France’s Frederick – Bousquet 94 to 20 seconds broke the Australian star Sullivan in March last year to create 21 seconds 28 The men’s 50 meters freestyle world record, becoming the world’s first swim into the 21 seconds mark of the players.

However, when the FINA official statement yet, with a higher status to the Australian swimming team to express strong dissatisfaction, Sullivan said: “FINA is trying to develop a final standard, to specify the thickness of competition swimming suits , materials and buoyancy and now, their swimming suits are FINA has not been approved by one piece swimsuits. “Australian swimming team coach Bernard Thompson shelling more directly,” I think that if Bernard’s world record get the FINA approved, it would be a dangerous signal.

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