Sexy Bikini Wars

British West Indies in the Caribbean vacation, Victoria Beckham appeared on April 3 when the sea was bundled. Do not know if she forgot to wear sunscreen, or do not use wax hair removal treatments or just do not want to let yourself on the gossip magazines so simple, this ultra-thin star wore a conservative in the waist chiffon beach skirt, with a large sun sunglasses blocking his face, also wearing a large hat limp. We conjecture that Mrs. Beckham wants sun exposure as much as possible to make themselves beautiful face from harm, that we can all understand.
In reality we often watch television, we know that Heidi Montag is coming from Colorado pretty cute girl next door. After some trimming and in recent years a very popular plastic surgery, Montag will own complete transformation into a big breasts female. In the April 10, 2010, after plastic surgery Heidi Montag in Las Vegas, attended the event, put on a bikini showed the results of these plastic surgery.
This photo is “90210” starring Anna Lini McCord with her “Twilight” boyfriend (Kellan Lutz) on April 10, 2010 in San Martin swimming once when traveling during the shooting. Although God gave her a beautiful body, but we can not be sure to dress so that you can have the courage to expose the public’s field of vision.
Serena Williams on April 1 in Miami to enjoy a day at the beach day. The tennis champion wore a jumping green bikini style underwear, and with a black glove that she recently often worn one.

Kim Kardashian and boyfriend Reggie Bush in March 7, 2010 when went to the beach in Costa Rica. The trip to a minimalist her bikini to show people. With white string cheap bikinis this body as an embellishment is the main style.
Turned out to be Paris Hilton. Who else like her home in Rio de Janeiro on the balcony of the hotel put on such a provocative pose? Hilton valentine original way is to let them shoot themselves to fill the paparazzi. Blake Lively conducive to February 8, 2010 in Miami of the day, proved himself may fear exposing her notoriously figure. TV series “Gossip Girl” starring another one with Chase Crawford is also nearby to enjoy sunbathing.
?Singer Lily Allen design and tailoring of the rules not interested in a bikini. January 14 in Auckland, New Zealand when she exposed her woman’s body. That day, she wore a chest decorated with gray lace bikini tops, below is wearing a black bikini with a white shell edge swimming trunks.
Lindsay Lohan on January 3, 2010 in St. Barts island shopping, wearing a black bikini, foot pair of black wedge heel. But just hang around the neck scarf can not be represented will be able to wear a bikini when the coat out shopping.
This photo is December 27, 2009, Sienna Miller and his family playing in the water while on vacation in Barbados photos. Siena wore one by the famous British lingerie brand – “Forbidden City Cop” design with Kelly fifties style bikini, showing her beautiful body curves.
Lei Ana at December 26, 2009 in Barbados to play when, with a soft pink pleated bikini shows off her fit body with muscles. The high fashion insight to this body swimsuit singer added a little edge, and with a relatively thick gold hoop, and a black scarf decorated in the head.

Tamara Mellon, Jimmy Zhou Diguo the head, at December 26, 2009 with a 7-year-old daughter Elamingta with friends, in the island of St. Barth vacation dressed up a cute bikini.
TV series “Sex and the City” starring Kristin Davis on December 8, 2009 to visit the beaches of the island of St. Barth. Kristen has impressive figure and her boyfriend who talented photographer. But do not understand why she willingly with a large flower shorts to hide themselves.
This photo is the movie “Harry Potter” star Emma Watson and her boyfriend and November 29, 2009 in Jamaica sunbathing when the shooting.
Naomi Campbell on October 12, 2009 wore a bright orange bikini one piece swimsuits coming out of Miami enjoying happy moments.
August 16, 2009, when his son Jayden Britney Spears appeared in Marina del Rey, California. Liz in the local Carlton, playing pool, Britney wore a blue bikini, showed off her plump figure. A few days later the tide of the blonde star passes the famous talk show host greatly Letterman’s Top Ten list. Now this is certainly a great affection for her slim new image!
Jennifer Lopez is wearing a bikini waving to a friend happy. At this point she is Italian island of Capri and her husband Marc Anthony and as a designer friends Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana holiday together.
Jessica Alba wore dressed in the pink, black and gray striped womens bathing suits is composed of waves with Malibu ashore.
Katy Perry wore a lace children with folds of soft pink bikini, wearing on his head wearing a shiny, appears in the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami.
Mothers Nicole Richie and her boyfriend Joel Madden walk on the beach in Malibu when wearing a black two-piece swimsuit, revealing that the baby growing up cherished belly.
The 46-year-old hot mom has Demi Moore and her husband Ashton Kutcher while playing on a Caribbean beach, wearing a black bikini show her flawless body.
Living in the frenzy among Lohan – in Las Vegas, Lindsay Lohan greeted his first 23 birthday. The troubled starlet day choose to wear the brand Herve Leger bandage bikini and Alexander Wang designed black water table high heels.
Eva Longoria Parker in St-Tropez vacation wearing a bikini is very dissonant, but fortunately the body looked pretty good.
May 2009 26 already tanned Cameron Diaz in Hawaii to swim. This is Cameron for her drama “sister’s Keeper” campaign started before a short holiday. The 36-year-old elderly “fashion” magazine cover girl, and in August will become the 37-year-old Cameron on the beach wearing a bright green lace children’s lace bikini. “I grew older without any fear.” Diaz recently told the “Show” magazine. “I really did not, I did not on this point the fear, because it is wonderful. Thank God we get older, because if we age will not increase it means that we have died.”
Kim Kardashian and her sister and her sister by selecting a new location in Miami opened a new store opportunities, take the opportunity to make time to go to the beach to play. The curvy beauties dressed in bronze with a sexy bikini swimming suits while with a tweed hat showed off her stunning figure.
Also a hot mom debut! This is Cindy Crawford, one has two children have been 43-year-old mother. At this time she was photographed and put on a variety of shapes. The supermodel still looks so glorious overflowing ah!
As a mother of three children, 38-year-old Kelly Leipa wearing triangle bikini tops and his family came to Miami on vacation. Leipa order to fit her body shape has been relentless workout with. But the star of hope to stop this petite skinny anymore. A bone can look good wearing a bikini!

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