Select Swimwear Points

(1) spandex content: spandex content of international standards is about 18% better swimming suits, one is to reach 18% spandex content.
(2) Flexibility: good swimsuit should be a very tight tension, of course, flexibility is not the better, but rebound recovery is better able to return as many times considered a good stretch. Feel good also needed, we can compare the professional swimwear and swimsuits mall feel, not the more expensive the better attention swimsuit.
(3) brand: the world’s largest two swim brand, has a world-class swimming supplies, avant-garde style, performance (but here I do not recommend these two brands, mainly the price is too high, generally swimmers need not be so professional swimsuit, unless you are full of swimming enthusiasts, while domestic brands, strong and durable, exquisite workmanship, the relative for the majority of swimming enthusiasts, but for now these two brands on the market and did not buy, they are mainly only for professional athletes, If necessary, I can help you with the purchase.
(4) style and color: cheap one piece swimsuits styles, colors selection is essential for all, this would mainly depends on your personal preference.

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