Miss Bikini China Championship Finals

In the new China Miss Bikini born April 22 evening, the audience seemed to smell the ocean nostrils the breath of the sun, when the front of the young girl when the trophy aloft, Sanya away from us even closer .
Miss Bikini International China Finals come to an end, the contest on the fresh baked top three contestants, but also really taken from the first step into the sun and the beaches. In particular champion Zhao Qian, from holding trophy, she depicts life in the future, the addition of a touch of healthy and brilliant colors.

“I always thought that China Miss Bikini swimsuits certainly still choose to thin as a standard, so when I was announced the winner, I was almost shocked!”
Holding a trophy Zhao Qian, the scene of her face told her how surprised people. She said she never thought I would become a bikini champion, she said let everyone believe, because her eyes revealed to the strong signal has been two big exclamation point.

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Zhao Qian (middle) stand out from competitors, won the championship
“I always thought that Chinese people have always been like Slim models, although foreign Miss Bikini uniform requirement is plump, and the best fit and feeling a little, but this is the game in China, I thought I did not play yet. ”
To be honest, Zhao Qian’s stature and image of his contacts in the past few days, has been the media circles relatively hot topic. As she said, her slender figure in a cloud model circles, belongs to plump type, but it reveals a healthy and dynamic atmosphere, which makes the media reporters were caught up in on the “skinny and bodybuilding, “the old topic in.
Zhao Qian himself before the game, the mood is very contradictory, she knew the advantage of healthy image of the sun, but the healthy image of the sun is not very popular in China favor, she did not have confidence.
Final victory over skinny beauty bodybuilding results, so Zhao Qian very excited: “It seems to participate in Miss Bikini International choice is very correct.” Her face said excitedly: “At first I was asked how to understand bikini culture, I really not so deep feeling, but now I really appreciate the bikini is synonymous with healthy sun, not because it gave me the title say, because I have always thought that my body is very healthy kind, while the ‘Bikini’ recognition of the I am. ”
Today is Tianjin Polytechnic University to pursue a fashion show with professional marketing freshman, Zhao Qian has entered the ranks of professional models. Despite the honor of Miss Bikini has given her best recognized, but since entering the circle model, the “thin” the word of her troubled has not been eliminated.
On the standard model figure, is also troubled by the world circle model, deformity way to lose weight is not caused by the tragic consequences did not happen, but thus triggered on “health model” call, always in a “war of words “and let the matter rest.
“I have been considering weight loss, took part in the contest, the more determined I want to control their weight in a healthy way, such as exercise, fitness, I would particularly like Miss Bikini in fashion circles have a more authoritative influence, so people understand the model can also be a healthy shapely, not just skinny. ”

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“Miss Bikini is a full range of competition, and now I was Miss Bikini China in the coming days it is necessary to develop their own comprehensive.”
Done 10 years athletes ZHAO Qian, after becoming a model, become somewhat lazy. If it were to participate in the Miss Bikini contest, and eventually won the championship unexpectedly, perhaps Zhao Qian Way to lose weight is the same on a “hunger strike” for the price. Even she herself said, the title of Miss Bikini, inspired the movement of her body cells, but also let her realize the importance of a healthy keep fit.
“In addition to this, in the past few days I have learned a lot, including the future what I should grasp the knowledge, which direction to learn and so on, Miss Bikini is a full range of training.”
Prior to this, Qian Zhao also participated in a professional model contest, which made her feel strongly that two kinds of different events. In her words: model contest is a professional choice, and Miss Bikini races are full consideration.
“Participated in this contest, I will clearly know their capabilities in integrated training needs starting from where a lot of people think that beauty contests entertaining nature, but my own feeling is that I can understand their own strengths through competition, The supplement also know what their next step, learn what, with a sense of direction. ”
For example, in the interview the judges, the judges test players’ level of English, which makes Zhao Qian feeling is not small. Weekdays always felt good English, but, to the real litmus test, she suddenly felt his own weakness where the learning process in the future, where aspects should be improved.
“The judges asked me the question in English, all of which I understand, also answered all up, but that does not feel right, wait until after the interview, I have to recall the judges to raise this issue again, and then himself to himself answer, the answer was very rich, all the inspiration came, however, at the scene, they feel very stiff, not inspiration. ”
My English is not a problem, the problem lies in the attitude and response capabilities, Zhao Qian said that strengthening the response capacity of the approach is to listen more to say, and if truly good at listening, dare say, will solve the mentality shy shackles.
Another month, Zhao Qian to represent China in the Miss Bikini International World Final. Because to get China to let her Miss Bikini too unexpected, Zhao Qian has still taste the mood now, as more intense competition a month later, she does not have any special feeling, or that have not had time to think. First enjoy this moment of joy, of this 90 girls, is the most precious and wonderful experience.

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“Give me some time to be calm about it.” Zhao Qian hehe smiles: “I now had a chance to think things further, the first surprise of this moment to calm down about.”
Although not yet ready to participate in the global finals of mental preparation, but Zhao Qian expressed very firmly in the coming month to practice English. “Energy and more than 70 international players from morning till evening together is not easy, we must take this opportunity to pay a few friends, so, I must in this month of time, put my English improved a step further.”
One more thing, is Zhao Qian back to school to do immediately after, she said she now has four sets of swimsuits are more conservative one piece swimsuit. Back then, she must buy a few beautiful bikini body. As China Miss Bikini, bikini she must first experience the beauty of the sentiment from the bikini culture connotation, in order to better spread to others.
“Chinese people will soon accept the bikini culture, I believe.” Zhao Qian said: “And I will do my best to tell people to be healthy fashion bikini, is a sunny and happy mood best packaging . “

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