First ” Bikini Goddess “

According to foreign media reports, carried out for women in a new poll, actress Ursula Andress was elected as “bikini goddess.” This name Ursula in the movie “Dr. No” in a bikini as a beautiful lotus-like people to remember, the other named stars including Helen Mirren, Brigitte Bardot and Kelly Brook.

1000 women participated in the vote, this poll is to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the birth of a bikini. The survey found women were eager to have a graceful curve rather than a model today scrawny body. Andress with 45 years ago, and starring Sean Connery’s first Bond movie bikini modeling win. After the early 1960s, Brigitte Bardot was “Bikini Girl” in the title. Helen Mirren was selected because of her latest vacation photos, in the photo wearing cheap bikinis, she shows good body inconsistent with age.

Andress’s famous two-piece bikini was also selected as the history of the most iconic bikini, at the same time, women also Jessica Alba Al smooth belly and legs as McPherson their favorite type. Others selected include Halle Berry, Berry in the film “Black Crisis” plays Ursula imitation “Dr No” movie Andress emerges from the water wearing a bikini scene. Women also believe that hair removal products Kelly Brook is wearing a bikini Geely Venus advertised the most perfect breasts. Selected the top 10 of the other stars included in the “I am a celebrity, let me go! “Show wearing a white women swimming suits and actress Marlene Klass Megan Fox.

Bikini invented in France in 1946, 1949 in the United States began to appear soon after leading the global beach fashion, Hollywood actress rookie and mandatory equipment. However, the survey found, so that women feel confident of their own body, or a swimsuit. The survey found that 97% of the woman wearing a bikini one piece swimsuits showing off figure there is fear, 27% of people claim that fat is the reason so that they avoid the bikini, 22% of people just think that she is not symmetrical. About one ninth of the people are worried not a good body modification. Geely Venus designer Holly Chavez said: “The conclusion shows that make women feel like a goddess wearing a bikini is the primary factor in self-confidence, but also should pay attention to some other point, women should not follow the trend of buying a bikini , but to select the appropriate size of the cut and style them, choosing the right to make you thin. perfect bikini attire certainly is eternal, Ursula Andress well versed in this, 40 years later, her bikini Modeling is a woman who is still based standards. illustrate this investigation graceful curves and hourglass figure is not only men who appreciate women also believe that this figure is their goal, rather than the pursuit he kept slim. “

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