Cows Beauty, Bikini Model

The saying goes, everyone has the beauty of the heart, in recent years, human tissues beauty contest after another, what the Miss World beauty pageant, Miss Asia Pageant, what Miss Tourism pageant bikini swimsuits pageant and other Alto, names and so forth. Even if this “cow lady” beauty pageant, beauty and ultimately, to help out, 8 bikini beauty, appearance “cow lady” beauty pageant scene, so people are more glaring.
“Cow beauty contest” astonishing beauty cows are like human? Also the beauty of the heart, cow we all share? Obviously, “cow beauty” is nothing but a means of speculation locally, their goal is to attract attention, expand the local impact. But after all, only bovine animals, cows then the United States is difficult to attract people’s attention, then, eight Mingbijini beautiful models on stage.
Sure enough, a large number of cows and unattractive, but eight Mingbijini beauty a debut, has attracted the attention of farmers and reporters. Attractive beauty is far greater than to attend the “beauty” of the cows, do not know what beauty pageant cow s mind?
Cows and bikini beauty, which is what and what ah? There is a bikini swimming suits model in an interview, saying that this is not hype, she believes, in this nature, dressed like that is very harmonious. Wearing a bikini at the dairy appears to be harmonious? This model may also feel a little bit like saying “Excuse me,” laughed a little embarrassed.

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