Swimwear to Attract Not Only Attention

Sexy womens bathing suits not only the United States, “color”, not to mention the elegant piece swimsuit only plastic “type”, this summer, let you become the type color Maniform both energy woman. Tropical flowers, retro print, sea soul stripe, beautiful solid …… Maniform “beauty swimwear” Like a colorful cocktail in the summer to enhance your type color energy, perfect body in a matter of minutes. Whether you are what “type” of energy woman, there is always a “cup” fit your style.

Maniform let you become the absolute protagonist of the coastal feast

The 1950s, the French actress Brigitte? Bardot (Brigitte Bardot) starred in the movie “Bikini Girl,” the film she wore a strapless dot bikini, hot eyes to that era has brought a decisive shocked. That film will not only allow young Brigitte temporary hard-edged, leaving this sexy new swimwear popular ever since. 2013 new season bikini Maniform through the fabric color choices, and creative mix, so swimsuits became evenly divided with fashion outer wear fashionable products.

For women fashion swimwear, the prints are naturally highlights not to be missed, or simply tropical flowers and plants will be worn on the body. In the contests on the beach, gorgeous vibrant print is always a dazzling scenery. Maniform swimsuit not only into the trend of the elements, but also combines the advantages of profile shape, drop style perfectly outlines the full cup sexy women’s unique curves, gestures are staged suffocating temptation.

Even worn alone, printed swimwear are eye-catching enough, if the rich think about the next layering, with the simplicity of a single product made exaggerated emphasis, from sunglasses to shoes and handbags, style commensurate better, hollow needle hook or chiffon blouse perspective also are a good choice. Maniform COCKTAII series uses pluggable cushion cup-shaped structure, immediately instructed the cup upgrade fullness, decorative foil waist swim trunks can effectively and easily create graceful figure.

It is said that the reason why men vision as the first, is because I appreciate a woman’s beauty. So, Maniform respected woman is to understand the energy self-appreciation of ethnic groups, not only is a gorgeous bikini clothes, also a woman pampered self-gift, in addition to the attention of the opposite sex, but also to attract their attention.

Maniform, sexy space but also elegant

If there are still people say, beach bikini in addition to the other swimming suits are outdated, and it was really misunderstood the fashion cycle. Period was regarded as the product of a serious one-piece swimsuit, back in the late eighties has achieved magnificent comeback. Whether it is “beach lifeguard” in Pamela? Anderson (Pamela Anderson) wearing a red one-piece swimsuit running on the beach in California, or the United States Latin days Jennifer? Lopez (Jennifer Lopez), international supermodel Kate? Mount Adams (Kate Moss) and other ladies of the beloved actress on the one-piece swimsuit, sufficient to prove a simple cloth is sufficient to attract worldwide attention.

In Vintage retro range of children under the influence of one-piece swimsuit two years beginning warm regression, 1950s and 1970s traces go hand in hand. This one-piece swimsuit as stereoscopic Maniform thick mold cup can effectively gather visual focus, legislation is plump charming curve. If you want to put enough shape, you can refer to the fifties Hollywood heroine outfit, plus a large brimmed straw hat, sunglasses, chic buckle handbags, pointed high-heeled shoes, geometric modeling earrings are essential goods.

Big poster or street shooting star high photographed deep V, hollow hot models are sought after, local ingenuity bare skin, looming, style emotion. If and then with large sunglasses, baroque ornaments, hate day high also essential elements of this sexy swimsuit Maniform let you feel the energy surge, a second to become the absolute heroine.

Now, wrap dresses swimsuits had not outdated antique-level goods, fashion design and tailoring, let the goddess Fan on behalf of children is becoming a new fashion, can easily be “type”, “color” correct, in addition to sexy, It can also be elegant.

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