How to Choose a Flat Chest Ladies Bikini Swimsuit

Flat chest lady should know in swimming suits with added chest pad role, but in fact, many luxury brands womens bathing suits because the problem would not have added beautiful chest pad, if we are not the dew point, or want to look more plump body needs to do it yourself.
(1) in the chest plus cup-shaped or bikini swimsuits special chest pad, make the chest appear more plump.
(2) to avoid the election too simple style swimming suits and monochromatic colors bright color-based, can cover protruding pad edges.
(3) swimsuit styles may wish to choose breast fold or crease lines are, fabrics high brightness also make fuller chest.
Flat chest Mei Mei bikini swimsuits optional method
Courage to dabble in the season, beautiful women who have put the pool as the T station, to stir, interpretation of the scenes poolside eclectic story. But if your chest is not very full, how to choose bikini swimsuits do? Look at the following to introduce an optional method, you can refer to.
Can choose to wrap the chest or chest area more wrinkled patterned bikini swimsuits, with bright colors, warm colors, giving the feeling of expansion, to some extent, to cover up the embarrassment of flat chest, such as red, bright yellow, orange and so on. The best choice for color big flower, floral and other patterns, flowers in a radial shape, such as sunflower, also from the vision gives a sense of expansion.

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