Fat People Wear Bathing Suits

Personal swimming suits but it is easier to expose the shortcomings of stature, thick waist and hips will unreservedly mast in front of people now, it is easy to feel ashamed. Figure chubby optional monochrome swimsuit styles should be simple and smooth coal Jiabao Lin. Do not choose split swimsuit, or orange, red, yellow and other colors gives a sense of expansion swimsuit. Shorty should be selected with bright colors and lively style, high trousers type of swimwear to make legs look slender. That there is an optional flat chest chest pad and bra swimsuit. In addition, the strap tied around the neck of the swimsuit, swimwear fold the rope to the chest, there is a good plastic chest effect. Select a large waist swimsuit split up and down the line of sight can be separated, eliminating the hassle of a large waist. Thick thighs selection skirted or boxer style, you can put the thickest part of the thigh covered. Therefore, women should know how to avoid weaknesses fashionable to choose swimwear, the election of the swimwear, not only can the shortcomings modification over, but also improve the lines and regain confidence.

Waist is too thick — different colors on the lower body
For thicker waist lines and lack of ladies, regardless of any models womens bathing suits to wear, just know how to match colors, you can play a constricted portion of the closing lines of the results. A different color or pattern on the lower body swimsuit, that is the best match, can effectively highlight the outline of the waist, so that the curve is more exquisite.
Siamese-style chest is too large — + stripes
For busty lady wearing swimsuit always feel uncomfortable, often fear emptied. Consider one-piece swimsuit, the lines can be elongated figure, it can reduce the chance emptied. The stripes pattern * can do more than the flat look around, both with, can make lines more uniform and natural.
Legs are too thick — high-slit
Stout legs of women as players, might wear some Gaocha cut swimsuit coverups. Although this will all emerge legs, but visually it will make your legs appear more slender, so that lines become more aesthetic.
Big ass — flat foot type, pattern skirt style + exaggerated
Hips, you should choose flat foot style or skirts style beachwear for women, upper body, coupled with relatively exaggerated patterns, you can effectively cover the mast hips. Because exaggerated patterns can have a role to divert attention, and shorts or skirts is able to effectively cover the full hips, play a modification effect.
High shorts swimwear
For the crowd: stout legs or body petite person.
Features: hip people too broad to be careful. Petite person may wish to choose twill swimsuit pattern, so that the visual will make legs appear more slender, so that lines become more beautiful.
Cons: the entire exposed crotch, so the waist, hips requirements pricey.

wrap dresses swimwear
For the crowd: people who are not satisfied with their buttocks.
Features: too plump buttocks who wear short skirts swimsuit at the same time, the upper body coupled with more exaggerated patterns, which can effectively cover hypertrophy hips. The hips are too slim who wear skirt swimsuit small petticoat will make your hips look prettier.
Cons: skirt style swimsuit on the legs are higher, too coarse or too short people are not suitable to wear.
Big V-neck one piece swimsuit
For the crowd: the chest is full, and waist, hips and upper body too large for short people.
Features: Color longitudinal arrangement and use of zippers can pick people look better, also suitable for ladies wearing short upper body.
Disadvantages: less than open collar, chest is too small were careful to wear.

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